Sapphire Blade events for Master Alanna Taldrya

Sapphire Blade events
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Sapphire Blade
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Grand Master Darth Pravus
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Dark Jedi Master Alanna Taldrya: Prowess on the Battlefield is often found in the brute strength of warriors; however, a more cunning and disciplined prowess exists in those who have transcended within the Dark Side. One such warrior who has displayed this talent is Dark Jedi Master Alanna Taldrya. Using her skills on the field of battle Alanna placed herself in the highest of esteem. Her efforts on behalf of the Clan Taldryan secured victory for the First Clan yet again. For her skill on the field of battle, I, Grand Master Sarin, award Dark Jedi Master Alanna Taldrya the Sapphire Blade.
<br> What can I say about Alanna that everyone doesn’t already know? She has done great in the GJW with immaculate participation and huge amounts of help for the members of Ektrosis and the rest of Taldryan. He work with the newer members helped a ton in the event. She did twelve run on posts earning the clan a bunch of points and helping contribute to the story. She had five ACC battles which helped the clan come out on top in the ladder. She came in 13th in the “Other” ladder by doing all but two graphics and taking home a bronze nova for one of her poetry entries. She came in 2nd over all in the fiction ladder by doing every fiction, earning a ton of bonus points, and she even won a bronze nova for a fiction submission gaining a massive amount of points for us in just entry. Alanna He stellar participation and excellent help with our newer members gave Taldryan a huge boost in this war. Alanna Taldrya, I am proud to be a part of this Sapphire Blade. You truly deserve this and I’m sure you will enjoy it even though it isn’t a cookie.

~PCON Chaosrain Taldrya

Grand Master Darth Pravus, 2007-08-24 22:00:00 UTC