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Master Dalthid
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The ACC Staff has and has had all sorts of staff-member-types, but none quite like alLan Mandragoran. He's not the type to run at mach five, but he's not the type to warm a roster, either. He's one of the 'middle of the road' staff members - and truly the type I'd prefer, if I ever had the choice. alLan is personable and friendly, and always eager to train someone, his approachability being the key to his success as a Trainer. While some may come off as egotistical or condescending, KAP Mandragoran is always kind with his remarks in such a way that he doesn't offend - a quality I wish we all had, now and again. That being said, I'd like to share some recommendations from a few others in regard to his service over the last 10 months;<br> <br> --------<br> <br> ---<br> Over the course of the last ten months, Archpriest al’Lan Mandragoran has served as a Trainer within the Antei Combat Centre. As the statistics mentions elsewhere in this request will show, Lan has done a phenomenal job, and has risen to the occasion to be one of the most active Trainers in the ACC. Not only this, but Lan has a very effective style of training. He has a kind way of pointing out mistakes to trainees, rather than just pointing out flaws and saying “fix this”, and his will to see those around him succeed shows through in all of his work. He has helped countless people improve their ability in combat writing, and has shown many the ways to succeed in the ACC. The Combat Centre owes him a great deal of gratitude, and I can think of no better way than by showing our appreciation with an award. Lan, thanks for all you do! <br> <br> SBM Brujah Tamalar<br> Deputy Combat Master<br> <br> --- <br> <br> Lan's overall drive for the ACC has been above average. For 2006 he wrote up over 50 introductions, went through the training of 30 INIs, and helped judge over 25 battles some of which were for the 5th GJW. He also helped close nearly 10 battles that had timed out, keeping the halls clean of timed out matches. 2007 has started slow for the Centre, but when things pick up, Lan is sure to be right there helping our new members learn the ways of the ACC and better themselves.<br> <br> DA Telona Murrage<br> Magistrate to the Combat Master<br> <br> --- <br> <br> Many of the “facts” about Lan’s activity within the ten months and change he’s been with us will probably be covered in another rec, so I won’t repeat what will have already been said. Instead I’ll focus more on how he is as a “person” in this club, as it relates to his Training job. Lan has consistently gone that extra mile in ensuring that the training he gives is at the highest level. One need only glance at one of those numerous training battles to see the level of detail he puts. He covers every topic and makes sure that the trainee is given the attention they deserve. Countless times on IRC he has come up to me to discuss any questions or concerns he may have within a given battle. Wanting to give people the best information possible, he will go out of his way to learn and grow himself. He is not afraid to say he doesn’t know something, and will do what it takes to find out the information he needs. He has also spent his time on IRC in the #acc channel, as well as in others, answering questions for people and helping those who wish to take part in the ACC. While taken as a snapshot it may not seem like much, but stretch it out to nearly a year and he has not diminished in any capacity. It is not easy to be a Trainer, to have to deal with a lot at once, but Lan manages to do so while keeping a calm air about him. He is more than deserving of this accolade and I congratulate him. <br> <br> DJM Halcyon Rokir<br> Master at Arms<br> <br> --- <br> <br> Lan was an immense help during my ACC training. He was readily available on IRC for questions, and always offered constructive criticism in a positive atmosphere. I have no objection whatsoever to this proposed award. <br> <br> DJK Sklib<br> <br> ---<br> <br> I'd just like to say that I fought my first training battle against 'Lan, and that he was able to quickly point out ways to improve my ACC writing. He was patient and his criticisms were all constructive, without a hint of abuse. <br> <br> GRD Joshman<br> ---<br> -------- <br> <br> Probably the most endearing quality that alLan possesses, apart from his personality, is his quality of effort. He leaves no stone unturned with any bit of training. While other's focus in different area's, alLan consistently covers all of the bases; making not learning from his ratings an impossibility. For his consistent service to the Brotherhood, via the ACC platform, it is my pleasure (and the staff's) to recommend KAP al`Lan Mandragoran for the Sapphire Blade [SB]. <br> <br> DJM Dalthid<br> Combat Master<br> <br>

Master Dalthid, 2007-02-10 23:00:00 UTC