Character Snapshot (Raistline Taldrya Majere)

Character Snapshot for Raistline Taldrya Majere (2018/10/22, Meridan Run on)

Augur Raistline Taldrya Majere

Equite, Clan Taldryan
Male Human, Force Disciple, Arcanist, Krath
Height: 1.8 m / 5'11" - Weight: 77.0 kg / 170 lbs
Age: 39 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

Built with an average height and average weight, there is not much to make Raistline stick out in a crowd. The slow approach to middle age is beginning to show signs on the human; fat being added to a once muscular body and a bald patch in his unkempt, dirty blonde hair. Raistline is almost never well groomed and always has a beard of some form.

Loadout: Moo (Snapshot)
I'm Getting Too Old For This (General Aspect)

Raistline Taldrya Majere has both been there and done that. he thinks he has seen every imaginable scenario of war and battle and survived it all, and that nothing can phase him. The daily grind has almost become too intolerable for Raistline Taldrya Majere and they are prone to lash out at anyone who attempts to coerce them into another adventure.

How Hard Can It Be! (General Aspect)

Raistline Taldrya Majere always seems to underestimate the gravity of important situations or the difficulty of tasks by about a mile or ten.Raistline Taldrya Majere is a bit of a slacker, never really thinking things all the way through - and it usually comes back to bite him in a wildly comedic way. However, he also tends to not be deterred from things that would often scare others away.

I Am Selfless (Personality Aspect)

The Jedi are selfless, caring only about others. Raistline Taldrya Majere is compassionate, brave and always strives to represent the common good. He tries to help everyone he can, even at his own expense, and is a fine role model for others to follow.

Ooh, Shiny! (Personality Aspect)

Raistline Taldrya Majere is mesmerized by anything shiny and can easily spot shiny objects from a distance. This makes him good at finding things of importance or value, but he may also be distracted by pretty baubles.

He's No Good To Me Dead (Combat Aspect)

Raistline Taldrya Majere doesn't like to kill people; instead he chooses to injure his opponent until that person is unable to fight back or is otherwise incapacitated.

Dead Sprint (Combat Aspect)

When Raistline Taldrya Majere gets in trouble, he finds no fault in bravely turning tail and getting the hell out of dodge. Obviously, this means that he tends to survive even the most deadly encounters... but the same can't always be said for his compatriots. This fact hasn't exactly made him the most popular among his peers, but hey, at least Raistline Taldrya Majere isn't dead yet.

Skill Feats
Lightning Reflexes You Killed My Father, Prepare To Die To The Pain
Force Feats
Reflexive Counter Accelerated Healing I
Granted Feats
Order Feat: Force Disciple Dowsing II Human: Eye Of The Tiger Channel II Human: Just Another Face
  • Basic
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art K'thri
Secondary Martial Art Echani
Primary Lightsaber Form Form II (Makashi)
Secondary Lightsaber Form Form III (Soresu)