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Amethyst Kukri
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The description for the Amethyst Kukri talks about what it's awarded for, mentioning specifically single, worthwhile projects for the Staff of a Dark Council member. I can't think of anyone else at this time who embodies this, in my sight, as much as Rekio. Rekio has been working extensively on adapting a site to beta test the missions from back during Goat's Sith War, that were submitted as an event in that War. These missions have sat, and been nothing more than space in an email. His efforts have put together an impressive site (found at ) to allow members a chance to earn rewards for, and helping us test out these missions, and make them ready to release to the public.<br> <br> I'd also like to note that, Rekio has served as Praetor to three SHW's now, and has received little public praise to my knowledge. He's genuinely concerned with the function and growth of the Order, and spends what spare time he finds gathering potential information for usage in the revamped Shadow Academy courses, and brings me ideas daily, of what we might do to improve things. When I served as Consul of Tarentum, I could not have imagiend a better right hand man; I still can't see anyone else who would be more appropriate for my second.<br> <br> Rekio, I appreciate all that you do, and this is just a tangible mention of my thanks. Congratulations.<br> <br> -DJM Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae<br> Sith High Warrior

, 2005-03-16 23:00:00 UTC
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Amethyst Kukri
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Grand Master Jac Cotelin
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From my first days in Tarentum, I didn’t really get a chance to know Rekio very well, but as time grew on I realized what Rekio really did, he has been a firm supporter of my work since I became a House summit, I was pushed as hard as Rekio wanted, at several times, I remember being at his door step asking a million questions, and proving myself worth of the family name, and to even get Quaestor of the House of Tridens,

I have had many late night chats with Rekio about a million and one different topics, and it never seems to amaze me that for as young as Rekio truly is, his vast knowledge and leadership skills were a great asset to me and this clan, he was able to bring out the best in me and others to strive and go on to better things. Rekio has been there to listen to my rants about the MAA Staff, and Dark Council. He has helped me be a better leader and has even shown this “Drama-Queen” a few tricks, I have thoroughly enjoyed his company, and I wish him all the best on his future endeavors.

So what can we really say badly about Rekio? I couldn’t find a single negative word about him, well besides he does hate being called junior. But seriously the clan has seen many changes and seen many different faces come and go, but Rekio has always stood there behind Tarentum, and even stood in front of the dealings we have done. It’s always a good sign to see your elders get there due props. Rekio has worked on the clan webpage and even got it going, the site looked awesome, and seeing as his busy schedule has kept him away most of the time, that even not around on mIRC, he’s still a factor, you know when your getting your ass chewed when you get a pm on AIM, but it was always a pleasure to have Rekio chat with you, even for the hell of it. We have flipped Rekio a lot of shit and well some of it was deserved but he never had a coarse word for you, unless you had it coming, his firmness and fairness was a blessing.

I do remember having to prove my “Spirit” to him when he knew I wanted the Quaestors spot, even telling me “not this time.” I was a bit let down, but I knew that he was being honest, but in a few short weeks I did want I could, and that showed Rekio that I deserved the spot, even after several pissing contests with Rekio my opinion has never changed the guy is just bar none the best Consul I have ever had, and I will for one miss his advice, as we all hope to see Rekio stick around to enjoy many more of our channel abuse. But seriously, Rekio is by far a good person to have covering your back, he has inspired me and countless others, his work ethic is top notch, he many not have it pronto, but when it is completed it’s a work of art.

But Rekio is one guy that I came to admire here in the DB, his patience and appreciation of my work, was always appreciated by me. His outstanding attitude was a blessing, and his skills are admired.

Thanks Rekio for making Tarentum what it is today.

Sith Battle Master Ma`ar-Tyrius Tarentae Quaestor to the House of Tridens

When I first came to Clan Tarentum nigh on two years ago Rekio was one of the first people to make the effort to come and talk to me, both as my QUA and also I’d like to think as a friend. After many a IRC conversation Rekio really pulled me out of a rut, I have to admit I was dispirited with the DB and from what I could gather on the chat rooms a purely gaming orientated club and as I couldn’t write worth a damn I was ready to give up. This led to one of the defining moments of my DB career when he became my Master.

Under his tutelage I learnt more about the camaraderie that existed in the DB better then any SA course could have shown me. He encouraged me to think of ideas and concepts all of which he worked diligently with me to perfect and if good enough incorporate into the Clan, out of this partnership came the Tarentae Chronicles, something I looked forward to writing and editing and something that wouldn’t have come forth if he hadn’t have been there for me.

An aspect of Rekio I came to appreciate both as his Apprentice and as my official leader on many different leaders was his directness, some might thing he was too blunt but he shot from the hip and everyone knew where they stood with him and what he expected them to do. He would never force anyone to do anything, instead he trusted in the sense of faith members had in the Clan to carry them through and to secure victory.

During my time as a younger member I have to admit the faith Rekio showed was incredible, eager for young members to shine and succeeded he went out of his way to help all those who wanted it and I find he still does this know. He will always take the time to answer questions and queries and not be too afraid to suggest what a member should be doing for the benefit of both the Clan and the member. This is reflected over and over during the last year which has overall been an incredibly successful year for Tarentum. All in all neither the Clan nor I would be in the positions we are today were it not for the steadfast reliability and determination showed by Rekio.

Master, I really can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me over the couple of years but I hope this award will go someway to repaying the debt I owe you. Cheers :)

Welshman Corsair Bruth’Kothe van Dratio Tarentae

During my time in the Brotherhood, I have seen several Consuls come and go, sometimes to be replaced by their Proconsuls, but sometimes not. I was glad, though, when Rekio was granted the Consul spot after Bloodfyre became the Sith High Warrior. Rekio stepped up to the role easily, having not only been trained by Bloodfyre, but because of his love for the clan and the desire to see it improve. Rekio showed great skill when he took the reigns of the Clan and he always took the comments of the other leaders in the clan into consideration. Rekio had his idea on how things should go, but he never let this blind him to what reality dictated.

Having worked with Rekio, when I was Quaestor of Gladius, and as his second Proconsul, I can say that it has truly been a pleasure. We seem to be much of the same mind, rarely needing to consult with one another on matters. I don’t think we ever had a disagreement on anything. Rekio told me once that he saw me more of an equal than his second in command, something that I admit we disagree a bit on, but it went beyond mere words. He acted on these thoughts and let me run with my ideas, stepping in only to offer his opinion on the matter. Working with Rekio was a major factor that allowed me to continue my duties with the Shadow Academy and the Envoys.

I am glad for the opportunity I received to work with and under Rekio as his Proconsul. Time wise, and with my experience in the Brotherhood, I felt that I could have taken on a Consul position. Working with Rekio helped temper that idea and my time as his Proconsul has, without a doubt, helped me prepare for the Consul position. I really don’t think that anything we can give Rekio is truly thanks enough for his work as Consul, but he deserves something.

~DA Anshar Kahn Tarentae, Consul of Clan Tarentum

The following comments have been taken from the Clan mailing list, not all from Clan members:

Sorry to see you go, you’ve been a very good Consul. I could say more but your actions speak for themselves. ~Frosty I concur with Frosty. Ive been in Tarentum only a short time and havent seen alot of things but i know what the great job you've done Rekio. ~Archean Congratulations on getting to 1 year as Consul, Rekio. That kind of stability is hard to come by anywhere - most Consuls never make it past six months. I appreciate all of the work you have done for the Clan over the years, and I'm sure you'll continue to contribute outside of the Consul position. ~GM Jac

Ever since I joined you were my consul and even my guide, helping me where Sato couldn’t and was always there for me when I needed. I know you were like this to everyone, that is what makes you a perfect Leader, you know the do's and don’ts and still are able to be a personal friend. Like the members before me have already stated, it would be a direct shame to see you leave, although it was inevitable. I think I can say for all members of Tarentum if I tell you: Thank you Rekio and Good luck :) In Darkness, ~Ylith Romanae

Well, I guess its time for this old bantha to put in his two cents. It’s been great having you as CON. You’ve done one hell of a job over the past year. Hard to believe its been only that long. Hopefully you’ll stay with the clan and continue to serve. Good luck to ya! ~Zekk

You will be missed, my friend. ~ GRD Sephiroth Storm

Having competed against Rekio as head of Tarentum when I was a Consul, I can honestly say that he was the only leader (and yours the only Clan) I was always worried about - a testament to his abilities and the respect you all had for him. I've known him to be a tough competitor and at the same time a great Consul to work with. Great work with Tarentum Rek, I'm sure you'll be missed. ~Kir

I normally don't reply to message threads but I felt the need to say something :). Rekio, during the six short months that I have been a member of Tarentum, your leadership was outstanding. Your approachable and open personality lent itself perfectly to the role of Consul. I thank you for the stability and forethought you provided during the six months I lived under the aegis of your rule. I wish you the best of luck.

I've served with you in the Rebel Squadrons and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, so I know what kind of guy you are. You're one of the most upstanding officers I've ever seen and we've had our share of good times together. You always tried your best even when you were faced with simply too much to do. Somehow you managed to pull through most of the time. You also brought me into the DB, and Tarentum, so I gotta thank ya for that. Too bad we didn't get to do more together, and yadda yadda. Hope everything turns out ok with you, and I also hope you'll come back sooner than later. ~Silent Jay

thanks to Rekio for his good job ~Rage

Grand Master Jac Cotelin, 2005-11-09 23:00:00 UTC