Sapphire Blade events for Arcia Cortel

Sapphire Blade events
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Sapphire Blade
Non-site XP
239 XP
Requested by
General V'yr Vorsa
Primary reason

Arcia has been my Praetor since January 2016. His contributions to the staff since his promotion, also in January, have been many. To keep it short and to the point, Arcia (or as I call him — Esca) has participated in all selector item Releases this year: In February he created 2 Syndicate robes, male and female, for the members, yielding 30 different combinations and images. In April he had a similar task and created 2 Rebel robes for our Rebels-themed release, which also yielded 30 different combinations. In June he was tasked with creating a single saber and a dual variant which he did, yielding 59 dual and 42 single Mist saber images. In October he created a set of Spacer robes, yielding 64 images in as many combinations, as well as a set of quarterstaff items for the yielding 3 images. In terms of time requirements, it takes between three and six hours to complete any one item completely and get approval from me and critiques from the staff, which is a process we go through with any and all graphics. It maintains quality while helping the staff improve. He has gone through many iterations of the items he has released before being completely satisfied with his work. Furthermore, he has completed 17 custom weapons, six warbanners and 4 banners/headers for leader reports.

In the Possessions system, I have found his presence invaluable. He has been my go-to man for all critiques and I have to compliment his keen eye and attention for detail. He has reviewed and critiqued store interfaced and the item images we have released on multiple occasions, always pointing out flaws or places to improve to make the member experience as authentic and as special as possible. He has created twenty-four item images form of placeholder images and independent item images which are currently uploaded to the website.

His other projects include the popular Sketch Something competition series that he lead consistently for 3 months. The event yielded 7 total competitions with 27 unique participants and 65 overall entries across the length of the event. He has participated as an organizer or co-organizer in 17 different competitions for the herald staff, a task usually not associated with our station and office. All of these competitions were very popular in the Dark Brotherhood art community and drew in more people than ever before. That said, Arcia has also been a vocal supporter of our efforts to establish and maintain a healthy art community in the Brotherhood. He has been a moderator, critic, supporter, and artist in the DB Art Club channel since its inception and is always willing to help out new and aspiring artists with his knowledge and experience.

On a more personal note, Arcia has been my biggest supporter in the past year and a half. I have gone almost exclusively to him regarding all the massive changes that happened in my term, from including different types of weapons into the custom request system to including the new orders into the website. He has always had a cool head in any situation, always advising me on the proper course of action even when I couldn’t manage. He is largely responsible for the Requisition Limit rule I have implemented and has participated in the creation of almost every Herald policy since July 2015.

In conclusion, Arcia (or Esca) is an invaluable Praetor and partner in my efforts to bring graphics and art from the obscurity it has been held in for years. He has succeeded at successfully accomplishing each task I have given him so far, and I have faith and absolute trust in his abilities to do so from now on. Thank you for your service, your work so far, and your patience with all my pestering. Congratulations!

  • Vyr (Morgan)
  • Herald of the Brotherhood

General V'yr Vorsa, 2016-11-28 21:11:28 UTC