Emerald Dagger events for Lord Idris Adenn

Emerald Dagger events
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Emerald Dagger
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Declan Roark
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Adept Xen'Mordin Vism orsus-Palpatine has performed superbly in the role of Consul for Scholae Palatinae. His service to the Clan and the Dark Brotherhood has not stretched for an unheralded 22 months in which he has provided leadership, stability, and mentorship to his Clan. Xen has organized competitions, posted reports, participated in club events, and served in various external roles that round out a year + of activity that sets him apart from many of our members and most of our leaders. I am pleased to award him the Emerald Dagger for his service, continued leadership, and contributions to our club.

Grand Master Pravus

Xen is the very definition of consistency and quality as Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae. His last few years have been marked by the same consistency he has shown in the year and few months since his elevation to Dark Adept. Since then, CSP has been consistently in the top half of our units in every category throughout the our unit reports, driven by Xen’s constant stream of activities he creates for members and the impressive example he sets for his leaders. The numbers themselves are impressive - he has 55 competitions organized through major events, Feuds, and general Clan activities. And although most of Xen’s time is clearly spent generating content, when he does break into general activity, he does well, earning 11 crescents since his last promotion. Many of those Crescents - 13 in total across his career as Consul - have come from being the best report writer in a given week!

What really makes Xen so impressive is that competitions for him are not just merely things for members to do, but are instead aimed at advancing a constant story for his unit and engaging members in more than just participation. Virtually every competition Xen has organized is focused on driving a greater story and engagement, with numerous ‘campaign events’ which span months of time with several phases. From Xen’s Forgotten campaign in late 2015, to his House Feud event Subterfuge that garnered 25 participants and pit both units against one another, to his latest Clan event, the Order Campaign - currently underway but whose first chapter generated more than 80 total Clan submissions - Xen’s drive to provide the best experience for his members is clear.

It was during the CSP/CNS Feud that Xen relentless pursuit of the best experience possible for his members was on full display, as he contributed to every competition development possible and ensuring that the Feud went smoothly. While there were occasional conflicts between the summit leaderships, Xen smoothly navigated disagreements to keep the Feud moving. Shattered Ties was an enormous success and incredibly close throughout its duration, with 17 sub-competitions across three total phases, involving hundreds of submissions. His unit pulled out all the stops for the second round, and after a first round where the two units were essentially equal, CSP pulled ahead and took a commanding victory over CNS. While both units fought hard, no doubt the constant effort of CSP’s summit encouraging members at every turn on Telegram and email to participate is what helped them pull ahead.

Deputy Grand Master Mav

Declan Roark, 2016-12-25 09:29:31 UTC