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Steel Cross events
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Steel Cross
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Augur Cethgus Tiberius Entar
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I am honoured to be recommending Azasell for his first ever Steel Cross. Azasell has pulled out all the stops this round of Dark Crusade, driving himself to complete all of the events. This helped Clan Arcona and House Galeres achieve overall domination on Bhargebba.

Azasell managed to participate in the following competitions: Chronicle 1, High Value Targets, The Battle for Bhargebba, The Plans, One Ending, One Beginning, The Pursuit of Knowledge. He also heed to put images onto the wiki part of this Dark Crusade and achieved a Gold Novae for his efforts. His overall level of activity managed to help Arcona get an extra slot on the special forces team for next round.

He has also been assisting the Seneschal and learning a new coding format that he was unfamiliar with. He has been given information and basic knowledge of the Ruby Coding format, and is currently trying to assist James by learning this coding format. This help goes beyond Clan level and will aid in the overall development of the new Brotherhood site.

I am proud to be giving Azasell this merit medal for all his hard work and devotion to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Congratulations on this Steel Cross. Keep up the hard work, I look forward to seeing what you produce in the future.

Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae Aedile of House Galeres

With Azasell being my first student, I couldn’t ask for a better member, or better Apprentice to work with. Azasell rose to the challenge during the Dark Crusade and completed six of six events, placing himself as a leading member of Soulfire Strike Team; and has shown excellent attitude towards developing and becoming a valued member of not only Arcona but the DB as a whole for his work.

Thanks, Azasell.

DJK S'nar Que Seshai Executive Officer of Soulfire Strike Team

Augur Cethgus Tiberius Entar, 2013-06-28 16:19:18 UTC