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Grand Inquisitor Lizuni Heraga
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Having someone like Gui on your staff means you have someone who is always willing to work hard and put the effort into building up and fostering a caring and active community. Gui has served as Aedile for the past 2 months and Quaestor for over a month and in that time he has shown competence and a willingness to learn and lead his team regardless of rank or position. As AED, when the sitting QUA had to take a LOA, he immediately stepped up to the challenge and served successfully in both positions. Once the position for QUA became open, Gui threw his name into the hat and I couldn’t be happier with the choice. He encourages member activity, rallies his troops to game or take part in events, runs competitions that give directions and substance to the House, and is active in Summit discussions.

Since his last award, he has participated in 51 competitions, organized 13, earned himself 1 Crescent with Diamond Star, 2 Crescents with Ruby Stars, 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star, 5 Crescents with Sapphire Stars, and 1 Crescent with Topaz Star. For his gaming, he has earned 6 Pendants of Blood, 496 Clusters of Fire, and 57 Clusters of Earth. On the Fiction and Graphic front, he’s written 1245 words for 5 Clusters of Ice and has earned 20 Clusters of Graphite. Additionally, Gui has passed 5 Shadow Academy courses, earned 3 degrees, written 5 news posts, commented on 11, and has been awarded 1 Dark Side Scroll, 1 Seal of Loyalty, and 4 Seals of Enmity.

Thank you Gui for your attentiveness to your duties and for the betterment of the Clan. Congratulations on your Grand Cross!

Revak K’Urr
Consul, Odan-Urr

Grand Inquisitor Lizuni Heraga, 2022-04-01 19:46:49 UTC
Additional reasons

Without a doubt, Gui (or Marl) is the single best sort of person you could ask for as a leader of a House. Highly competent, with incredible attention to detail, a willingness to hear out others, and constantly good-humoured. Since taking over the Guardian Corps, he has proven all of the above many times over, along with maintaining a constant activity in both the Clan's channels and a high competition output. Anyone would be forgiven for slowing down after taking over a newly founded House, creating its wikia page, and helping to map out a new story for it to follow, but not Gui. Participating in fifty-one competitions is proof of that alone, but gaining (among many, many other awards) a Crescent with Diamond Star, two Crescents with Ruby Stars, a Crescent with Amethyst Star, five Crescents with Sapphire Stars, and a Crescent with Topaz Star, just helps to further cement it.

Of course, atop of all of that, there's his constant presence in the Brotherhood's gaming circles. Something which earned him six Pendants of Blood, four hundred and ninety-six Clusters of Fire, and fifty-seven Clusters of Earth. Then atop of THAT we also have him earning three Shadow Academy degrees by completing five courses, twenty Clusters of Graphite for his art, and five Clusters of Ice.

There are very few people like Gui in the Brotherhood, and he has more than earned this Grand Cross.

Essik Lyccane, 2022-03-31 21:08:59 UTC