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It is my pleasure today to recognize the Consul of Scholae Palatinae for his performance. Dakari has served honorably as Consul of CSP in a time where being Consul is one of the Brotherhood's most tolling positions. I do not discount the time and effort that organizing any clan during a Great Jedi War. While CSP did not finish high in the ranking, it was obvious from the beginning that Dakari was putting emphasis on the war, and that his members were competing. During that time he has made some tough decision regarding members, had to replace some essential leadership and been made to participate in many Dark Council debates. This is no easy task for anyone - that Dakari has done it consistently and without pause is notable.<br> <br> Recently, Dakari and Braecen have teamed up to bring some great changes to CSP. From overseeing the new website to the Consul's Coven, the envoy system to the revamped battlesteam - the Clan is progessing under the guidance of Dakari. I applaud him for his efforts.<br> <br> - GM Jac Cotelin<br> <br> --------------------------------------<br> <br> Dakari Tamalar (4601)<br> Sapphire Blade<br> <br> Over the course of my tenure in the Brotherhood, I have often felt one member did more unseen, behind-the-scenes work than the considerable majority. That man was Dakari Tamalar... his work at Quaestor was brilliant, ableit a lackluster Clan Summit. Then I saw him finally make his break into the Elites with his induction as Proconsul, then Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae. And while his last promotion was only five months ago, I felt it long overdue - making this more considerable a recommendation for his past eight months of work.<br> <br> During Dakari's tenure I have seen the rebuilding of a Clan from ashes. His first step was to encourage member participation: thus, creation of the Clan Senate. He has encouraged both House Summits to take initiative in their roles - placing them beyond the normal borders and forcing them to excel independently. He has had to battle countless distractions during his tenure, aspects that would wear down the most visible of leaders - he has done this all behind the scenes without complaint. And since my tenure within the walls of Scholae Palatinae, one man has been by my side critiquing my work and ensuring it is what is best for his people... this Clan. Those projects include a revision of the Envoy system, revision of the Dark Senate, creation of the Consul's Coven, creation of a Member of the Month, restructuring of Battle Teams (much more his idea than mine, ever), supervision of building a new Clan Web Site, creation of a Merit/Title program that will instill pride in people's participation at the clan level, a structured rewards program for activity and the creation of the CSP Pulse. In addition to the daily stress and rigors of being a Consul, where he is forced with the tough decisions of promoting the well-being of his Clan. This includes the hard process of cracking down on unruly members, hiring and firing of leaders and dealing with the Dark Summit.<br> <br> Most recently I saw Dakari privately recognize the efforts of his people, encourage his Leadership and fight an internal battle that threatened to tear apart his Clan at the seams. He did this all during the duration of the Sixth Great Jedi War, allowing his Clan not to succumb but to excel to a fourth place finish. While most leaders are paraded for their success in their Clan's placings... I believe Dakari should be fully seen as a pillar of CSP and the DJB - for the work he does that renders no thanks or recognition until observed as a whole.<br> <br> Braecen Kunar<br> Proconsul of Scholae Palatinae<br> <br> --------------------------------------<br> <br> Dakari has, in the five months he's served as Consul of Scholae Palatinae, provided encouragement and inspiration to countless members. His dedication and tireless efforts have worked to make his Clan strong, managing to pull the clan together against the odds to accomplish great things. As a member of CSP, I have often looked to Dakari for help in various matters and he has always been there, and been willing to listen and help. He has always encouraged his members to strive for their goals no matter what they might be, and has always been willing to help them to achieve them. Dakari has been a true role model of what a leader should be. Caring, Compassionate, Enthusiastic, Dedicated, Committed, and Strong. It has been and continues to be, an honor and privilege to work beside Dakari for the good and glory of CSP. His sense of vision and desire to see his Clan thrive and prosper are remarkable, and for his efforts, he truly deserves a Sapphire Blade.<br> <br> Rasilvenaira StormRaven<br> Knight Class Envoy of Scholae Palatinae<br> <br> --------------------------------------<br> <br> NOV Dakari. I remember that young Dark Jedi full of energy, but I would never believe that he would one day become a great Consul if I had been told back then. However, Dakari has disproved my thinking and has become one of the greatest leaders of the Clan. Starting out as a Battle Team Leader, he became Quaestor of (now closed) House Dorimad Sol. Dakari worked relentlessly on several projects as QUA and then CON. His enthusiasm, communication, and interaction with the members is truly outstanding! He chats regularly on IRC (recently, he had to put aside DJB activities for RL reasons) and he communicates with the leaders clearly, detailing what he wants them to do with his trusted Proconsul, Braecen Kunar.<br> <br> Dakari has truly outdone himself in means of activity and dedication. I wonder if he knows how great of a leader he is... well, I don't want him to have too big of a head. :D For Dakari's loyalty and dedication to the Clan, his perseverance and awesome activity, I recommend him for a Sapphire Blade!<br> <br> RevengeX Palpatine<br> Son of Palpatine<br> Tetrarch of Drynwyn's Flame<br> <br> --------------------------------------<br> <br> Since my entrance to the Clan, Consul Dakari has been a solid leading force.<br> Even in times of tumult, he held his resolve. In spite of losing a PCON<br> and an entire House Summit, Dakari managed to hold the Clan afloat. Even<br> meriting a 4th place finish in the 6th GJW, the Clan used Dakari as a solid<br> point in the political quagmire that had ensued. I personally commend<br> Dakari for maintaining a light-heart and open mind through-out the troubling<br> time. Always open to hearing suggestions, Dakari’s friendly presence made<br> it simple for a newly arrived leader like me to find a home within the clan.<br> <br> I highly recommend Dakari be considered for this award. Had he not been<br> present and so well composed, the clan would have surely regressed into<br> chaos. I congratulate Dakari for all of his hard work and dedication. Keep<br> it up, Daquiri!<br> <br> Sith Warrior Thran Occasus<br> Roll-Master of House Acclivis Draco

Jac Cotelin, 2006-09-27 22:00:00 UTC