Emerald Dagger events for Gavriel Kadesh

Emerald Dagger events
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Emerald Dagger
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Grand Master Declan Roark
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The All New and Improved ACC is the result of nearly nine months worth of coding, coding which has been performed almost in it's entirety by Kalen alone. It should surprise nobody that this by itself is no small feat and worthy of recognition, but allow me to add that this has been achieved while also juggling the tasks of a full-time DC position and a quite busy real-life situation. Kalen has, since work on the ACC started, survived the ever-increasing and ever-changing requirements and wishlists for the ACC, and has managed to deliver a product that we can all be proud of and will certainly shape the experience for members of our site for years to come. I will leave the mentioning of his accomplishments as Master at Arms to my fellow Dark Councillors, and close by stating that this Emerald Dagger is very well deserved. - SCL DJM James Lucius Entar Arconae

The ACC is the culmination of over one year of dedication and effort. The process to design a new ACC started with an ideology of story driven dynamics that began with the new character sheets and continued throughout the ACC's development. Our MAA, Kalen Aquillarum, served as the primary coder and an integral part of the ACC team . He participated through our early design planning and crafted our ideas into a reality. This was no easy feat due to changing priorities, new ideas, and project creep that altered and changed the design of the ACC in more ways than we can count. Beyond coding, Kalen's own ideas shaped and crafted the ACC and resulted in the finished project launched today. Our new ladder system is his baby and its value will be shown in the coming weeks with a Vendetta level competition. I'm honored to recommend Kalen for the Emerald Dagger, a truly deserved award. - Grand Master Pravus

Kalen has spent the majority of the last year coding alone on a project that, finally today, the entire club can enjoy. He was always willing to work in my changes, often despite them not making a ton of sense at the time I requested them. On top of that, every feature he implemented was met with yet another request, and all he was more than willing to see through. Despite pulling double duty as the coder for this major project and MAA, Kalen was able to put together a great system that the club can enjoy for years to come! For that, and for putting up with my endless list of requests, he deserves this Emerald Dagger! ~Mav

Grand Master Declan Roark, 2014-05-08 14:05:49 UTC