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Ruby Scepter
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Grand Master Declan Roark
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Aabsdu has served as the Headmaster for a period of 8 months. During this time he has taken the procedures and processes of the SA and enhanced them with his personal style and touch. New courses have been added, old courses have been audited, and updates to coding and graphics have been released. In addition to the maintenance and improvement of the SA systems, Aabs has worked diligently to improve the ficitional background of the SA. This work has been an additional tasking that he has taken on himself in order to improve the SA.

Aabs works to improve our systems and processes that allow our new members to succeed in the Dark Brotherhood. He is the mentor of mentors and for this, I am honored to recommend him for a RS. Congrats!

GM Sarin

Aabsdu has been a strong and stable force on the Dark Council for going on two years now, his work in Plagueis to stabilize and create a sense of identity for our most fledgling clan difficult and critical, and his subsequent term as Headmaster of the Shadow Academy continuing the trends set by previous headmasters. Aabsdu is a steady hand in the Brotherhood, his actions carefully considered and tested in a time when many would rather just throw everything at the wall and hope that something sticks. It is a valuable trait to have, especially in the Shadow Academy and in dealing with our youngest and most uninitiated members, where consistency is most needed. Aabsdu has still continued to provide a top-notch service in the Academy, with a steady flow of new courses and some interesting events like the limited time 'retired' courses to help get some of even our older members interested in the SA again. It is for these efforts that Aabsdu is easily reccommended for a Ruby Scepter. ~Muz Sadow, DGM

Grand Master Declan Roark, 2008-09-14 13:08:57 UTC