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Sapphire Blade
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Adept Manesh
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I've never recommended anyone for a Sapphire Blade, mostly because I'm incredibly stingy when it comes to medals, but after talking to a lot of people, it occurred to me that the Great Jedi War would give me probably my only opportunity each year to award this medal. Therefore I would like to recommend that the Sapphire Blade be awarded to Obelisk Templar Lucius. I am recommending this under the assumption that Kaiann will not be rewarding the Great Jedi War MVPs.<br> <br> Lucius earned more points during the Great Jedi War than anybody in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. That alone should earn him a Sapphire Blade, considering how much work went into achieving that.<br> <br> He participated in 20 events and earned 2001 points. That accounts for about 15% of the Clan's total. It is remarkable when you think about it. Most of his points came from his multiplayer gaming, where he played so many games it's almost ridiculous. Most people would get tired playing what must have been hundreds of Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy games, but he did. He even played so many team games, including with myself, and he proved helpful to people like me who aren't the best at those games.<br> <br> This was a long Great Jedi War, and when other members who started off strongly burned out, Lucius did not. He kept on going until the end, including a strong showing in the pinball event.<br> <br> I know this isn't that long, but I think Lucius's performance speaks for itself.<br> <br> Dark Adept Manesh Sadow<br> Consul of Clan Naga Sadow<br> <br> *****<br> <br> When this GJW started, I figured we'd get dominated by Taldryan. In the end, we lost by 300 points. Yet that loss wasn't a defeat, it was a victory. Lucius led Naga Sadow, and the Brotherhood at large in points, gaining himself the title of MVP of the Sixth Great Jedi War. His constant gaming was an inspiration to every member of this clan, and he even managed to find ways to participate in other events. His contributions not only to our points gain, but just the morale of the clan, is what has made Lucius worthy of this award. May I be the first to say, You Freakin Rocked the GJW Lucius! Congratz, on an award well earned!<br> <br> ~SW Derev Niroth, QUA of HMR

Adept Manesh, 2006-09-03 22:00:00 UTC