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Malisane to say the least is probably the funniest men in the clan, but also loves his clan without a doubt. Since Malisane's last promotion, which was over 3 years ago, he has been the Left hand of Justice, Aedile and Quaestor of Ludo Kressh, Clan Rollmaster for CNS, and now the House Rollmaster for HNS. As Aedile and Quaestor he pushed his clan through the internal clan feud, but also created the Underworld run on for clan development. Most recently, he's was one of the masterminds on the Unrest in the City run on, another Run On for Clan development, but it would continue onward for other stories to play out as well. With his appointment to Rollmaster, he constantly welcomes new members to our House, he emails them almost weekly if not every few days, to check up on their progress. He also makes sure our Master Student program is running smoothly and that every master that wants an apprentice, will have one. In his time since his last promotion, he's earned a Grand Cross of the Dark Side, a Steel Cross, and 3 Dark Crosses and earned the prestigious title of Son of Sadow. Congrats Mal, you've earned it. ~Templar Fremoc Pepoi, Magistrate to the Fist

When I first joined the Brotherhood and then CNS, Malisane was a name I quickly got used to seeing in my email in-box, being the dynamic member that he was; that has not changed in my three plus years of membership. Mali, as we know him, has always been a vocal presence in our ethereal home, supporting ideas that he thought were good and providing insight on matters that he may not have agreed with. In that regard, Mali is a true change-agent, never shying from the difficult conversations or contrary opinions that are necessary and required to move any worthwhile entity forward. Even when he doesn't have an 'official' leadership position, he is not cowed into thinking that he must remain silent; on the contrary, Mali's love for his House truly transcends any title, as he, as before, is a constant presence and guiding force. His was one of the select minds I tapped to assist me with our groundbreaking runon project, and his ideas and energy have helped the HNS Developmental Run-On gain the legs that it has. Activity-wise, Malisane has earned a Grand Cross of the Dark Side, a Steel Cross, 3 Dark Crosses and has been dubbed a revered Son of Sadow, our House's highest honor. For being the member that he is, and for inspiring the rest of us to be greater than we are, I hereby, without reservation or malice aforethought, do lend my name and support. Congratulations! -Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow

It scares me sometimes when I get asked to write a recommendation and look at people's dossiers and see... 3 years, 3 months, 13 days. Has it really been that long since Malisanelast got a promotion? I'm not sure what hits me the most. The fact it reminds me how long I've been here, feeling as though we only promoted yesterday. Or the fact that Malisane, obviously, isn't the new guy I still think of him as anymore.

Like many of our esoteric little clique we like to call Naga Sadow, Malisane is one of those who just gets on with the job, not asking for any commendation, and so who gets forgotten, passed by time and time again, with nobody really paying much notice. 3 years, 3 months, 13 days. It would seem, I must fall among that group as well, who have taken for granted for so, so long what Malisane has done, how much he has done, despite how little he has had in return in that period. How does one sum up three years of work in a few paragraphs? How does one even begin to remember all that has happened in three years? We've had a Rite of Supremacy. A Great Jedi War. A House Feud... and that's only going back the last eighteen months.

One thing I can categorically say about Malisane is how he, in a certain way, reminds me of myself. He doesn't need a position. He just does things. He may not have always worked in a formal capacity, but that arguably says even more about him: he doesn't need a flashy title to get on with "the job". He enjoys what he does, so he comes up with run-ons and activities that he knows others can enjoy. Speaking from experience, I can say how much his influence has changed me during the past couple of years. Once upon a time, I wrote a lot more about my own character. These days? These days I've taken after Malisane, writing much more about the "other characters", those which actually interact with the younger members, those that aren't all about my own character but which are about finding ways to let new writers take stories in their own direction. Malisane's is always the nagging voice in the back of my mind, reminding me not to script stories in advance, but to leave things open, more free form, and only offer a very light guiding hand instead of the way things were historically done. Of late, it has been very satisfying NOT being the person in the driving seat for a change: because those people have become Malisane and Sai (and, latterly, Fremoc as well). Where it's Deliverance, the Voice of Justice, Ven Dastari, the Organisation, Councillor Zero... recently, Malisane has been the source of most of the major storyline(s) that have run through much of this year. People so often wrongly conclude these days "Goat's doing it", when in reality I'm nothing but the member taking part now. The stories themselves have become the realm of the Malisanes, Sais and Fremocs.

However, none of this says Malisane is averse to taking up the responsibility either, as his return as Rollmaster shows. Right now, so soon after reforming back into Independent Houses, it would be such an easy time for veterans (and, scanning his profile, I see I can genuinely use that word for him now) like Malisane to be giving up, moving on, and no longer caring. He's been Aedile. He's been Quaestor. No more Proconsul or Consul? What's the point anymore? But no. That's not how he reacts. No. Instead, he steps up to the plate, takes on the task of helping out Macron and Sai during a period when they were most certainly need him most. Bringing with him his past credentials as the Clan's Envoy, his passion not only for fiction and the Black Guard and helping new members above old, his continued drive is something that many in his place would by now have burned out of. 3 years, 3 months, 13 days. That number just keeps coming back to me. I can look down the roster, see so many Equites that have either been bumped off to the Rogues, or else just sit there, clogging up the roster. But not with Malisane. He continues to be active.

In this new dawn of Independent Houses, where so much of the unnecessary bureaucracy has been swept away, Malisane represents the sort of member I hope more will now aspire to be. Not ones looking to work their way up an inflated ladder of unnecessary positions, but ones that will realise that they can help out, lend a hand, contribute, without always needing to be the guy whose name is on the roster.

Xanos Zorrixor Darth Vexatus

Malisane Sadow has always shown great uniqueness in his work, always putting Naga Sadow ahead of his own personal achievements. He is always willing to step up when his leadership skills are needed such as his time as Quaestor of House Ludo Kressh. His creativeness is unmatched as Malisane has single handedly created most of the surroundings of Naga Sadow as well as had a large part in numerous Sadow storylines. Combine his individual accomplishments and his leadership experience. - SWL Kharon Daragon

Malisane Sadow is one of the core contributors to much of our fictional existance as Naga Sadow. His work in developing places like Kangaras, Markosian, Marakith, and many others is untiring. His fictional runon planning and development is nothing short of outstanding, as evidenced by the current "Unrest in the Coty" runon and several before that. Malisane has served very well as Rollmaster (CNS and HNS), Aedile, Quaestor, Envoy KAB and to the DJB as Left Hand of Justice. His work is thorough, thoughtful, and has enhanced our Naga Sadow group and the club at large. His help as Rollmaster has been a great asset to our group especially since the Clan to House switch. Malisane is a natural envoy of sorts and makes sure our new blood is well taken care of as well as administering the Master Student program. Naga Sadow has seen quite a few promotions happen under his guidance. For his long-standing, tireless and unceasing efforts on behalf of Naga Sadow and our club, I'd like to reccomend this Sapphire Blade. ~SWL Macron Goura Sadow, HNS QUA

Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu, 2010-08-31 18:24:06 UTC