Grand Cross events for Master Morgan B. Sorenn

Grand Cross events
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Grand Cross
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Battlelord Alexis Karant
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It has been an honor to work alongside V’yr Vorsa. His dedication to the Brotherhood and commitment to House Odan-Urr is unparalleled, leading me to believe that he would be an excellent future candidate for positions stretching from Aedile to Herald. The vast amounts of work he has undertaken during his tenure as Battleteam Leader of the Knights of Allusis is rivalled by only the Brotherhood’s best and most-respected leaders. This includes not only the work he’s done in managing a Battleteam, but his drive and focus towards bolstering our community as a whole. This includes his work on various large-scale projects, such as the envisioning, structuring and documenting of the 1st AAC “Kota’s Fist,”a militia unit comprised of half of our armed forces. The work involved in maintaining this project makes it one of the greatest project-based undertakings we have seen within the House. It involved a complete restructuring of our armed forces, as well as a revival of the outdated Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force page, for which Vorsa had also created custom graphics for each of the regiments.

Before his appointment as the Battleteam Leader of the Knights of Allusis, our Battleteams served little purpose, other than the organization of competitions with a Battleteam flavour. Within the first month of his appointment, he had already remodelled the way in which we envision our Battleteams in his innovative direction. Encroaching Shadows was an event established by V’yr Vorsa to work on a Battleteam level. Effectively, this drew immediate interest from our members, as it gave them something to work towards and look forward to. As such, we have continued with this tradition, having hosted no less than five events on a Battleteam level, and our numbers have seen an increase – drawing enough interest to populate a staggering three Battleteams.

He’s been a mentor to his fellow leaders and Battleteam alike, Going even as far as developing documents detailing some of our concepts in use for the Battleteams. Having served alongside him, he has also provided me with some valuable insight into a different perspective of the inner workings of our House and Brotherhood. This has helped immensely in making some of the changes that we still keep updated, including various projects and documents that we otherwise wouldn’t have. This includes the New Tython Atlas; which is a collection of knowledge that functions exactly as the name implies.

He’s been a behemoth of activity, and a constant friend since arriving within House Odan-Urr. That said, I think it is past due time that he is awarded for his efforts.

  • A’lora Kituri, Aedile of Odan-Urr

Battlelord Alexis Karant, 2014-08-21 00:16:06 UTC
Additional reasons

I can say without qualification that the highest honor I have received in my Brotherhood career is being asked to follow a member like V’yr Vorsa as the Knight-Commander of the Knights of Allusis. His concrete accomplishments are voluminous and his direct impact on House Odan-Urr and most certainly on the Knights of Allusis cannot be understated.

Quite simply, V’yr made the Knights of Allusis into what they are today. As my fellow House Summit members have detailed, V’yr re-defined what a Battle Team was and could be in House Odan-Urr. The events he created or helped create, Encroaching Shadows and Tides of Freedom set the standard for House events and will shape House lore for years to come. His contributions to the House wiki pages are pervasive and progress even now. He continues to work quietly and behind the scenes on new graphics and page additions to our New Tython, Harakoan tribes and armed forces wiki pages. Just since his last promotion, V’yr created or made substantial contributions to no less than eleven distinct HOU wiki pages.

To add a bit of personal testimony in support of this small token of appreciation, I would not be where I am today without V’yr’s mentorship. From my very first days in the Brotherhood V’yr took me under his branches and showed me the vines of leadership in the Brotherhood. He quickly became like a second master to me, offering encouragement, wisdom and on more than one occasion a strong push to do more than I thought I was capable of. It was V’yr who encouraged me to do the Fading Light run-on in my second week in the Brotherhood when I didn’t think I could contribute. It was V’yr who took the extra time on multiple occasions to offer detailed feedback to help hone my writing craft. And when the time came for V’yr to step down as Knight-Commander it was he who pushed me forward to take up the mantle of leadership, never ceasing to believe in me, even for a second.

V’yr inspires everyone around him to be more than they are and to do more than they thought possible. That is they very definition of leadership and that is why V’yr is held up as a paragon of what is means to serve others in the Brotherhood. The many seeds V’yr has planted throughout his career will continue to grow into a mighty forest with strong roots touching the very foundations of the Brotherhood.

It is my highest honor and distinct privilege to offer my support for this small token to honor the tremendous legacy V’yr entrusted to me. Please accept this Grand Cross of the Dark Side on behalf of a grateful House and all Knights of Allusis, past, present and future.

  • Turel Sorenn, Knight-Commander, Battle Team Knights of Allusis

Warlord Rajhin, 2014-08-21 00:15:27 UTC

V'yr Vorsa has been a joy to work with in the Brotherhood. As a Battleteam Leader, he has been a supportive and inspirational role model and has helped to re-invigorate me at a time when I was considering leaving the club once again. He has been energetic and creative, always able to offer input and design great ideas, and never filed a report late.

V'yr has helped to implement major House and Battleteam storylines and competitions including being the driving force behind the Encroaching Shadows run-on event (, and Liberation: Tides of Freedom (, a major House-wide event that began from his Encroaching Shadows idea.

His presence in the House has been terrific for activity, with frequent and informative emails and more than a few good-humoured laughs were shared around the House thanks to his quick-thinking and fun-poking graphical work. This formed a strong part of our House's culture of the time, encouraging and inviting everyone to take part in the fun and games to the point where the Odan-Urr Comedy Series of competitions were created, just to rub in some of the jokes. V'yr even created a couple of these competitions himself (

V’yr also performed quite admirably in the Fading Light run-on for my team (, despite juggling an increasing workload from the Herald’s office.

V'yr mentored Aerin Taggart to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight (dossier 13764), and was a supportive figure and role model to our entire House while in office, and without his camaraderie and his constant drive to be an exceptional role model others would not be where they are today - myself included.

Thank you for all your hard work, V'yr, and for being such a great example of what a Jedi can achieve in the Brotherhood!

  • Nathan Deciarus, Battleteam Leader, Disciples of Baas

Colonel Mikhail Avarik, 2014-08-21 00:14:56 UTC