Sapphire Blade events for Battlelord Vassan Rokir

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Sapphire Blade
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Vassan Rokir has been one of the biggest - if not the biggest - helps I've had within Clan Arcona. From the time he returned to active duty, he's taken numerous tasks onto himself to aid House Qel-Droma and Arcona as a whole. Not only has he almost single-handedly written and designed Arcona's clan facilities, but he has created the new and updated Arcona Clan Powers and Abyssal Rites as well. Add to that that he's played a key role during the past two chapters of this GJW, once again showing his great dedication and loyalty to Clan Arcona. Therefore, I, James Lucius Entar, Consul of Arcona, with the agreement of Oracle Shan Long, recommend Vassan Rokir for the Sapphire Blade.

, 2004-08-01 22:00:00 UTC