Ruby Scepter events for Master Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz

Ruby Scepter events
Event ID
Ruby Scepter
Non-site XP
18897 XP
Requested by
Lord Dacien Victae
Primary reason

Kamjin "Other Mav" Lap'lamiz has been one of the busiest people in the club, holding down both Consul and RhoJ (and LHoJ before that) while also churning out absurd levels of activity. In the last seven months, he has participated in 162 competitions, winning 57 crescents, a GN, and an SN, written roughly 50,000 words across all fiction activities, earned 317 CFs, 127 CIs, 149 CEs, 165 CGs, and participated in all 29 GJW XV competitions in a desperate search for the Mother. He keeps himself busy.

As Consul, he organized or co-organized 24 competitions, including the Tal v. CSP event and the 12 competition CSP-only Dark Times Saga conclusion. Since becoming CON last October, CSP has enjoyed a kind of renaissance, with activity on the rise and a number of new and returning members along for the ride. We're lucky to have you, Kam. Keep up the good work!

Lord Dacien Victae, 2022-08-06 02:29:29 UTC
Additional reasons

As a former member of CSP myself, I didn't know the name Kamjin. Who remembers leaders who disappeared years ago? Our time as a leaders in the Clan have years of gap but he's back and giving his all to building an incredible community and as a leader. His dedication to building a fun, approachable, and easy to engage with community are greatly appreciated as he always puts members first and can easily put himself in their shoes and try and make it better for them. Thank you for all you do for the community and congratulations!

Master Aramis Taelyan, 2022-08-05 21:13:56 UTC

What all is there I can possibly say about the artist known as "Other Mav"? He continues to be a steadfast member of my Chamber and a reliable presence. His member first attitude is so clear it could border on obsessive. You think I'm just talking him up, but I'm honestly not. Everything he says circles back to the membership.

Every. Single. Thing.

Each argument or observation. They're all from the perspective of the membership and what might be best for them on the whole. Honestly, it's so great to see and is exactly what I would expect from someone being recommended for a Ruby Scepter. The crimson bonk stick is awarded for dedication and demonstration of value. Kamjin is "value". His picture is right there. You can look to just his work in the Chamber to see that, but you can far more easily look to his work as Consul. Honestly, #BeatKamjin is a great motivator and I love to see it. In fact, I'd partake if I could! It's great to see the life he's trying to bring into Scholae Palatinae and the enthusiasm he brings to every challenge he faces.

Congratulations Kamjin.

Justicar Thane "Atra" Skotos

Darth Renatus, 2022-08-02 01:14:56 UTC