Diamond Sword events for Lord Dacien Victae

Diamond Sword events
Event ID
Diamond Sword
Non-site XP
131368.0 XP (Full Value)
Requested by
Master Aramis Taelyan
Primary reason

Bubba joined me as DGM as my first hire as Grand Master. Since then he's helped me work through every decision I've made and over the past several years reached a point where he himself was as capable as I am at the role of GM. It's a combination of all his hard work and dedication towards seeing this community thrive and being my greatest supporter and friend that he has earned this recognition. Congratulations on this award, it's hard to find the right digital currency to award you for all you've done but this will have to do. Good luck and I hope you enjoy everything that comes next.

Master Aramis Taelyan, 2023-10-06 17:22:59 UTC