Ruby Scepter events for Battlelord Rychan Iciban

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As recommended by KPN Khobai:<br><br>

On behalf of Clan Arcona and as a representitive of the Dark Brotherhood, I would like to recommend Krath Archpriest Korbane Ashoka for a Ruby Sceptre.<br>

The Dark Brotherhood owes Korbane a substantial reward for his previous and continual efforts to publish the Dark Voice. Korbane has taken on a task, that no one has ever wanted to do before, and he has done it both consistently and with a high degree of excellence.<br>

To the effect of Clan Arcona, Korbane has always been an encouraging figure. He has most assuredly helped to form House Qel-Droma into the tightly knit house it is. Despite his lack of position, Korbane nonetheless manages to be a leader and a figure of inspiration for everyone in his house and clan.<br>

AED JaM3z of House Qel-Droma had this to say about Korbane:<br>

Korbane is a true pillar of HQD. I cannot rembember a moment in which he was not active in all my time in HQD. He always was and is determined to improve the house and the clan, and being Rollmaster the past few weeks, he has done a tremendous job. I think this award not only commends both his loyalty and service to his clan, but also his duties for the Dark Voice.<br>

A Sapphire Blade is awarded for long-term service in a particular area. However, a Ruby Sceptre is awarded for Leadership and/or Innovation in a particular area. Personally I think Korbane has achieved more of the latter, with his unrivaled dedication to the Dark Voice and his superlative devotion to House Qel-Droma and Clan Arcona.<br>

I hope you all share my appreciation for what Korbane has accomplished, and I hope you decide to award him the medal that he has rightfully earned. Thank you.<br><br>

Based on this recommendation, the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Mistress, and Chancellor all agree that Krath Archpriest Korbane Ashoka is due this fine award for his dedication to the Dark Voice, his Clan, his House, and his Battle Team. I could not have chosen a finer person to take over the publication of the Dark Voice, and it makes me proud to bestow this award unto Korbane for all of his truly hard work. Congratulations!

, 2003-03-08 23:00:00 UTC