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Silver Sash events
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Silver Sash
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Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu
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The Silver Sash is an honorific that only a few members will ever have the opportunity to have bestowed upon them. Esteemed only second to the Golden Lightsaber, this award is granted just one time each year and only to those who have shown unmatched loyalty to the Dark Brotherhood.

I am honored that this year's award is being presented to my long time Praetor, Raken. Raken's accomplishments are seldom discussed by the general membership of the Dark Brotherhood, yet each and every member is impacted by Raken's work on a daily basis. The Antei Project, the Discipline System, The Force Powers, the fictional storyline of the Dark Brotherhood for two years, the Antei Defense Fleet, and countless other documents have been crafted by Raken.

Many members contribute the Dark Brotherhood, but seldom few contribute without the expectation of reward. This is what makes Raken so special. Raken is the ultimate member of this organization because he is here to enjoy himself and he does so by creating and generating content that he enjoys and that so many of us have enjoyed.

Congratulations Raken, you truly are one of the great members of this club. ~ Sarin, Sith Lord

As tradition dictates, one exceptional individual is granted the Silver Sash. Bestowed but once a year, this award is one of the rarest and hardest to achieve within the club. To bear one only illuminates the distinguished career and impact on the club that they have had. This year, the man known only as Raken bears that distinction. Raken's work is known to all of us, and it is really due to his unending efforts that we have the depth of rich storytelling behind the last two wars. It is due to his efforts that Orders mean something other than just a character's favorite color. Raken never seeks glory, he never seeks reward. He does what he does, he puts in the work entirely for the good of the brotherhood, for our enjoyment, and he is quiet and humble about it. There are few in the Brotherhood who have this drive, this desire, and I wish to congratulate his efforts and his attitude, as well as display to all what is possible without drama, without ego.

Raken, Congratulations on your Silver Sash. I am glad to have you here with us, in this club. ~ Muz Ashen, Dark Lord of the Sith

There are plenty of people who try and help out the club in their own way over the course of a year. Yet how many people will focus all of their time and energy into making this club better, while forgoing the usual trappings of doing work for the entire Brotherhood. For most they will only truly give themselves to the club when given the "power and prestige" of being on the Dark Council. Yet here is someone who takes a position that has no real "power", and yet without him this club would truly be worse off. In the last year he has created well over 200 pages of fiction that surpasses many of the "professionals" who are paid to write Star Wars fiction for mass consumption. The work involved in truly expanding the Brotherhood storyline is tremendous, with the craftsmanship involved not previously seen in this club. On top of that he has built a realistic "army" for the club to use, and creating a viable framework from which we can finally use our Orders as more than just colour-coding ourselves. This is of course more than enough to show why Raken should be receiving an honour so few have received in the Brotherhood's history. No, the astounding part is that this year is a carry over of what he has been doing all along. He has spent well over a year being the driving force behind much of the changes made in the Brotherhood. He has more than shown himself to be deserving of this award many times over. Congratulations, Raks! ~ Halcyon Rokir, Sith Lord

Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu, 2009-04-13 18:45:24 UTC