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Sapphire Blade
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Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu
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Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow. The original Afro-Jedi. This man is a shining star in our club. Many people in the DB look up to him, and with good reason. His service in many leadership positions including Proconsul, Quastor, Aedile, and Deputy Combat Master is outstanding. For certain, many within Naga Sadow look up to him. Sai has always been the cool head, the diplomat, the Devil's advocate. I have been privileged to serve alongside him many times in my long career in Naga Sadow. His performance and leadership from the front in every vendetta and Great Jedi war since he has been in Naga Sadow is much appreciated and inspires the younglings and us old farts alike. This is reflected in his bearing of the Sadow name, and the numerous awards and medals he has in his bag. if every leader in our club was like Sai we couldn't ask for better. For his hard work, long efforts, tireless (and quiet) service and his always bringing his "A" game to this club as a whole, Sai should be rewarded. It makes me very happy to reccomend this, and in Naga Sadow's opinion it is long overdue. ~Macron Goura Sadow, HNS Quaestor, Consul Emeritus Sai is one of those stalwarts who've now been in the Clan-turned-House for many years, having become one of the elders of Naga Sadow. Indeed, in the past year, there's been little in Naga Sadow that hasn't either had Sai's name on it, or else which he hasn't in some form had direct impact on. Whether on the front lines in the spotlight as Proconsul and latterly as Aedile, or from the shadows as one of those elder stalwarts whose views always provide a guiding hand, helping others. Looking back at the past twelve-to-eighteen months, I can remember how Sai has had a direct influence on virtually every storyline that we've carried out, going right back to the Ninth Great Jedi War. Much as I may often end up being seen as the storylines' mouthpieces, so many of the raw creative ideas these days in actuality come from the minds of people such as Sai. The entire story of Cyrus Raze, for example, began as a two week insert to bring Shan Long back into the Clan for the Great Jedi Warâ?"until Sai suggested bringing Cyrus back after he was thrown off a cliff and instead using him as one of the GJW's main antagonists. Fast-forwarding to the Spring of this year, once again Sai has been at the creative forefront, this time of the Unrest in the City developmental run-on, spearheading the ongoing story's development with the help of Malisane and recently Fremoc. Having begun back in April, Unrest has now been running for getting on for five months, being what began as an experimental project masterminded by Sai, which was envisioned as a permanently ongoing character development run-on. Back in April, at the time I claimed it couldn't be done, looking back at attempts by Ashura last year at something very similar, believing that Sai was biting off far, far more than he could chew, that interest just couldn't be sustained for that stretch of time. However, looking at the message board today, Unrest in the City has become the most successful run-on to be carried out in more than two years, eclipsing everything that has been run since as far back as 2008 and is now closing on surpassing even some of Naga Sadow's Great Jedi War performances. And this is all because of the work and determination of Sai and Malisane to engineer an ongoing, "Act" based run-on, which has consequently seen some of the highest activity levels and most successful team-building in as long as I can remember. Run-ons and fictional development aside, Sai's whole character lends much to be credited as well. Whether helping others, focusing on the younger generation and bolstering retention of the up and coming membership (as examples like his work on the run-ons demonstrates), or just his general sociable demeanourâ?"Sai is one of those people who just fits in, quietly, sociably, and happily. He's one of those people who is here for the enjoyment to be had from the club, and he lives his beliefs, hoping to ensure everyone else has the same, fulfilling experience. Be it his work as Proconsul, Aedile, Deputy Combat Master, or just the general helping hand he has continued to provide at all times, Sai is a credit to Naga Sadow and the Dark Brotherhood as a whole. While Sai might be Krath, nobody's perfect; nonetheless, the boy done good, the boy done good. -Xanos Zorrixor Darth Vexatus I've known Sai for several years now, and throughout that time he has stood as a shining example of the very best kind of member that the DB has. Mature, intelligent, thoughtful and dedicated to improving the club in any way that he can, Sai has fulfilled many roles during his time here and been responsible for a large part of the positive atmosphere that I feel we can lay claim to in HNS/CNS. In the year since he was last promoted, Sai has done an amazing job as the Quaestor of House Ludo Kressh; performed admirably his duties as Deputy Combat Master; and been an excellent Proconsul to me and then Macron, providing a fountainhead of new ideas and thoughts and lending his sage advice to every discussion that came up amongst the clan Summit. His work in pioneering CNS' "Unrest in the City" run-on, an ongoing venue for fictional development which has become one of the longest-running and most enjoyable run-ons that we've ever done, is just one example of his ideas for making the Brotherhood a different and more enjoyable place. The other recommendations for his promotion will undoubtedly go into more exhaustive detail and list statistics; I simply feel that a man so devoted to the Brotherhood that he would continue to chip in and be heavily involved despite the birth of his child and all the responsibilities that come with fatherhood deserves recognition. Congratulations, cousin- you've earnt this in every way. ~KPN Manji Keibatsu Sadow, Ex-Consul of CNS During my years in Naga Sadow it has been an honor to always know we have the assistance of the Afro Jedi. Sai has shown great dedication towards his work always putting Naga Sadow ahead of his own personal achievements. He has always been willing to step up when his leadership skills are needed. Combine his individual accomplishments and his leadership experience. - SWL Kharon Daragon in these, it's very easy to slip into cliched phrases which exaggerate the impact of the individual in question. It is my pleasure to say that in this case, that isn't a worry. Since Sai was last promoted, he's been a Quaestor, Deputy Combat Master and stepped up to the plate to take on the Proconsul job, right before everyone changed to being Houses. It's very easy to be a leader during the good times, when your members are active and everyone's having fun. It's less easy to be a leader when things aren't going your way - something Sai knows all too well, having been a leader during these 'interesting times' before. His reaction is to regard it as a challenge and then to lead by example - something which cannot be emphasised enough as one of his good points. His own activity is not to be sniffed at and even during those periods in the last year where he was without some form of official leadership role, he was always trying to improve things for his House. In part by looking out for dozy young leaders like myself and reminding me of just what formidable footsteps I was attempting to follow in, but also through things like being one of the masterminds behind our current run on, which is currently in it's fourth month and massively informing the way the Clan's fictional canon is evolving. On top of all of these things, he instills a sense of cameraderie in people. For this reason alone, House Naga Sadow would be a much poorer place without him. I know a lot of younger members of the House look up to him - myself included. He is exactly what every leader in this club ought to be - mature, competent, with an insane work ethic, a good sense of humour and the humility not to let it all go to his head. He is more than ready for this. Congrats, boss! -Dyrra Skye Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow is a hard working, friendly, dedicated and imaginative member of this House and the Dark Brotherhood. Over the last twelve months in particular he has been a great member and leader, notably his great contribution to our vendetta results, his work on wiki and runon projects and of course his hard work as a leader as Aedile, Quaestor and Pro Consul where he has worked hard in each role to develop new members and provide fun activities for them to do as well as setting a good example of appropriate behaviour. Having worked with him on several projects I can testify that he addresses each with a mature, patient and open attitude listening to other peoples ideas and commenting and providing his own and he is a pleasure to work with. For all his recent and past activities ... I am more than happy to endorse this. Malisane Sadow, Rollmaster of Naga Sadow. A year and change for the man named Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow. A lot can happen between then, and now, and with Sai, a lot does happen. Aedile of Ludo Kressh, Quaestor of Ludo Kressh, Deputy Combat Master, Proconsul of Naga Sadow, and now the Aedile of House Naga Sadow. All duties that are associated with each position should say something to the man's work ethic, but also that he knows how to lead people properly and to make sure each person that is under him, is praised properly. Sai is the major mastermind to the Unrest in the City Developmental run on, and is a part of almost everything that goes on within our Clan/House. To say the least Sai is the man and I full recommend Sai. Congrats my friend, you've earned it. ~Templar Fremoc Pepoi, Sergeant, Magistrate to the Fist

Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu, 2010-08-31 18:25:59 UTC