Silver Sash events for Howlader Taldrya

Silver Sash events
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Silver Sash
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267951 XP
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Lord Evio Nezsa
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Howlader Taldrya has served the Brotherhood for years, as Chancellor, as Master at Arms, and member. Providing input and guidance to countless promotions and medals now in the hands of members, shaping the value and understanding of each. Ranks and medals have been through many discussions, and Howlader's careful opinion and hand shaping their perception even today.

For the past 22 months, as Master at Arms, he has been a mentor to every leader looking to award their members and many staff member working for him. Providing a consistent means of fostering accomplishment in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood through awards.

There is no doubt that his name will forever be attached to the office as one of the most influential members on the Master at Arms policies, and his impact already felt.

Congratulations on your Silver Sash.

Lord Evio Nezsa, 2019-09-23 03:53:09 UTC