Amethyst Kukri events for Warlord Wuntila Zratis Entar Arconae

Amethyst Kukri events
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Amethyst Kukri
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April 13th, 2011; almost 3 years ago now. On that day, something amazing happened to Arcona. Having been granted out Clan Status back, our Aedile, Wuntila, became the first Proconsul of the new Clan Arcona. For almost 3 years now Wuntila has served Arcona as a figurehead. As a BTL being bumped up to Quaestor at the time, it was inspiring to see Wuntila take control of his position, no fear or timidness visible. He helped me become a true leader in this club, and it was from working with him that I am what I am today -- a respected leader. Wuntila's reign of betterment for Clan Arcona was recognized shortly after on July 7th, 2011 as he was awarded his first sacramental award; a Sapphire Blade.

Since that day, Wuntila has never stopped driving Arcona forward. As Proconsul, he continued to lead us into Great Jedi War X to our second victory, cementing Arcona as the First Clan of the Brotherhood. This was no fluke - this was true unity from a Clan consisting of multiple personalities and clashing egos. Consul Zandro Erinos and the rest of the Arcona Summit rallied around Wuntila. At the end of the War, Zandro stepped down, and Wuntila was selected to step forward and take over the helm of Clan Arcona.

Wuntila has been Consul for 16 months now. And it hasn't been an easy ride. Not by any means. As his Proconsul, I know better than anyone the trials and tribulations we've faced as both a team and a unit. We've fought against a past reputation of insulation, and worked towards opening relations with other units in the club. Aside from this dedication, in which he was awarded a promotion to Equite 4 already, Wuntila continued to strive forward for excellence. Right on the heels of the Horizons Vendetta, Wun went right to work on organizing and running the Beyond The Horizons: An Arcona-Plageuis Feud. Tasked with having this feud completed before the new year, Wun took it upon himself to make a website, pen the story, and eventually coming up with all of the events on his own due to a lack of competency from the leader of Plagueis (who was supposed to be assisting him in running it). Wuntila wanted everyone to be able to participate and have fun in this event, and shouldered everything himself - specifically denying myself and members of the Arconan Summit from helping and assisting him with the running of the Feud. Overall, the event garnered great participation across the board, and even went so far as to have Graphics drawn up to enhance the story - two of which featured members not just from Arcona, but Plagueis. By doing this, he made it so the story truly felt like a joint venture, and should have served as a brilliant joining point for two units to become allies.

After these events, Wuntila continued to lead the charge by creating a form to help organize members for their Run-On teams for the Dark Crusade: Prologue. Halfway through this event, Wuntila was struck with a CoJ case that will continue to be viewed as controversial even with the finality of the results. Most members would have quit. Most members would have cried or lashed out. Most members would have abandoned their Clan for selfish reasons. Wuntila did none of these. Through it all, Wuntila persevered.

Chapter 1 of the Dark Crusade kicked off as the Trial began. Wun did not despair, and continued to lead from the front lines, earning 3 Silver and 2 Bronze Novae. Arcona came in 2nd, but still managed a whomping 116 submissions, more than any other unit was able to muster. Following up on that, Wuntila rallied Arcona yet again in Chapter 2, garnering 162 entries from the Clan. I don't think you need a history book to understand how much of an achievement that is. If there is any doubt that Arcona would be where it was without Wuntila...let that number stand as testament.

Of course, this exposition covers his attributes as a leader of a clan. I am yet to describe what he's done outside of his endeavors in the clan. Wuntila has been a constant outside of the clan, also. During Horizons, he and Timeros spent 9 hours formatting and organizing the team sign-up sheet for the Horizons run-on. They did this so that Horizons could be launched on time. He has done numerous other small tasks in the Voice office, compiling run-on PDFs, writing forms, and compiling results. He does all this in the background just because he wants to help. Then we have his tenure within the ACC. He was a consistent member of the judging staff to the point where he was promoted to an Operator. He was then responsible for training up new members of staff, as he did with Socorra and Alaris. Wuntila then stepped up when the ACC saw a number of judges unable to grade during Horizons. Halcyon specifically asked for Wuntila's help, and he judged a number of the Horizons ACC matches. Its this kind of dedication he's displayed whilst running the Brotherhood's most successful unit. He has also now stepped up to assist the Seneschal as a magistrate, testing features of the upcoming new site.

Wuntila has continued on his mission to go down in history as the best Consul the Brotherhood has ever seen. I'm a believe in this, because I've watched him continue on with his work despite anything that is thrown at him. In the past month alone, he has been active in making sure Arcona has stayed vigilant by leading by example from the front lines as well as through regular Clan e-mails and motivational and informative speeches and reports.

There is not a single leader in this club who puts as much heart and effort into his job as Wuntila Arconae. For this, and his perpetual dedication to Arcona and the Brotherhood, I am honored to award him with an Amethyst Kukri.

-Marick Arconae, Proconsul Clan Arcona


Wuntila Arconae has one singular goal, one lone project that he works on every day: the betterment of Clan Arcona. Yes, other Consuls work to improve their Clan. But no one--no Consul I have ever seen or worked with--compares to Wuntila.

I could cite the many victories Arcona has accumulated under his leadership. I could cite the burgeoning membership numbers. But those are results, secondary bonuses that derive from the hard work Wuntila does everyday. He has built--along with his Proconsul--a dynasty, one that might rival Taldryan's decade of dominance. His devotion to Arcona is palpable. He loves all members--from us DJMs down to the newest Initiates--and wants only to see that they come to love Arcona as he does.

Successful by all measures. Tis unfortunate he has been stymied regarding rank promotion as he could...should have been an elder by the end of the year. Still, honors and recognition must be given to those who have given so much of themselves to us. Wuntila is such an individual. In my mind, this award is wholly and unquestionably deserved.


-DJM Troutrooper

Sam embodies leadership, everything from his demeanor, his dedication, his ability to organize events, his patience to teach, even his recc writing abilities all demonstrate his amazing leadership qualities. He leads from the front in every DB-wide event, taking the time to write brilliant rally speeches, assist members in their competition entries, hours on end talking to folks in IRC, and of course, writing and creating his own Novae-worthy entries. In the downtime, Sam is always actively keeping members interested in the DB, making sure the Houses aren't stagnant and there is plenty to do, either with competitions or renovations, constantly bringing the Houses of Arcona together in some positive fashion.

These qualities apply outside of Arcona as well. On the ACC Staff, I witnessed the dedication Sam had for providing a fun and fair atmosphere for the rest of the DB through this venue, by not only judging matches, but by training other judges and providing insight to the staff for rules and events. I have also seen the numerous times that Sam has offered assistance to other units, even direct rivals in the vendettas, in order to help bring about a united Brotherhood, as well as offering to judge DB events, forgoing his own potential competition awards in order to do so. On the Forum as Tribune I needed a guinea pig to test out a brand new structure for the units, and he volunteered Arcona's many, many boards without even blinking, knowing it was possible that they could be quite messed up as a result. Thankfully they weren't, and it worked so well, that the rest of the units followed suit and the forum is looking a thousand times better.

Sam has been Consul during my entire tenure on the Arcona Summit, and there have been some ups and downs, but frankly I wouldn't be the leader I am today without him. I don't think any of us would be. The leadership qualities listed above apply to every one of us, because Sam takes the time to teach us them, either directly (and sometimes painstakingly) or by example. That is, however, merely par for the course for Sam. He goes above and beyond to help make the DB a fun place to play and make friends. He embodies leadership. Dedication. Talent. He leads from the front, he leads by example, and he leads with his heart. I hope this award tells him just how much and how positive his efforts are appreciated by all of us, as well as the long-lasting friendships that he creates.


-Socorra Erinos, QUA, Forum Tribune

There once was a Consul named Wun Who knows how to make the clan fun Helps out with the site; does tasks day and night His work has helped me a ton


-Jam3z Entar Arconae, SCL

Wuntila has made Arcona into something new and better than I could have ever pictured. Despite being CoJ'ed over a technicality, he still managed to lead his Clan to winning Phase II of the Crusade. This is monumental. I speak from experience when I say that being CoJ'ed puts a dampener on your activity. You feel persecuted and continually ask yourself why you even bother continuing being a leader in the club that slaps you down for showing initiative, but Sam never wavered. He kept on pushing his members and summit to do his best, and honestly, I questioned his heritage more than once - he even looks like the quintessential overachieving asian father. "You have cold? Become Doctor, cure yourself!" He's a tank. The man won't stop for anything, and he deserves nothing less than the best. Unfortunately, we can't give that to him, so this will have to do. Keep on rocking, Man.

Dash -Teroch Erinos, P:MAA

Master Darth Aeternus, 2013-05-13 20:04:07 UTC