Sapphire Blade events for Warlord Wuntila Zratis Entar Arconae

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Sapphire Blade
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Adept Sashar Erinos Arconae
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Wuntila Entar is the keystone of this fine Clan. His indomitable will, outgoing nature, honest good intentions and frank ability to speak his mind are the cement which holds us together, and without him I have little doubt that we’d not be nearly as strong as we are today – perhaps not even worthy of Clan. His accomplishments are myriad. In terms of medals, he’s earned a Grand Cross, 4 Crescents with Sapphire stars, 2 Crescents with Emerald stars, A Seal of Loyalty, An Anteian Cross, a Crescent with a Ruby star and two Seals of Return. However, it’s his projects that really speak home about how much of a boon to Arcona he truly is.<br><br>

Implementation of Arcona Military system: For this he constructed a team for the authoring and construction of the wiki pages, with detailed analysis into Arcona’s history, member development and room for expansion. In essence, it gave a new, exciting and accessible layer to character fictional development, along with uniting those who are now within different houses or units. It revived some of Arcona’s unity and strength and it was a fundamental project in the reshaped, redefined Arcona. Not only this, but it gave members, new and old, an opportunity to put their two cents into an exciting new project which has thrived under the current administration.<br><br>

Summit duties: As Aedile and Proconsul, he has worked tirelessly to bring activity back into the old, relatively stagnant Arcona. This was achieved through many different paths. Fundamentally, competitions were a starting point. He hosted regular competitions, large and small, in order to really connect with the members and tease out some of the talent Arcona has to show. This, along with the success of the Communication Breakdown Run-On, wherein many Arconans, along with the Tarenti, became involved in the fictional development and training purposes of the event provided a stable ground where Arcona could practice in its downfall – Run-Ons. This not only brought some of the old, less in-tune members, but it inspired others outside of Arconan reach to really aspire to group together and flourish as a result. He has also been involved in all major summit tasks, from the supervision of the new and improved house location of Port Ol’val by House Qel-Droma and the recently released Battleteam Revenance Virtuom. These two constructions have provided activity in abundance, as well as providing yet another opportunity for members to put their own stamp on Arcona as a whole. He holds regular meetings, whether necessary or not, to ensure that the Summit is working to an acceptable standard and to inform the summit of any given change in the Arconan agenda. He has fulfilled the usual summit tasks and taken it upon himself to award every single member who proves their worth the minute their work is processed. This has ultimately brought about the well-oiled machine that Arcona currently is and it doesn’t seem to be slowing.<br><br>

Co-Author of the Operations system which has been adopted DB-Wide: Wuntila and the Consul both constructed the idea of Operations, wherein individuals may participate in a range of competitions to suit their own personal needs. Those who were polymaths were indeed showered with praise, but those who were not in such a position to possess skills in every field were given the opportunity to become part of Arconan history. This success branched from Operation: Haystack into the following and enabled members (In each and every competition) to be written into the Arconan Story Arc.<br><br>

Numerous Arcona-Related tasks: Wuntila has also been charged with the constant training of the Quaestors and Aediles for their positions and maintaining order within the two houses. This task has been not only rewarding for all involved, but essential in the development of Clan Arcona. Both Houses’ Quaestors and Aediles have been given a helping hand in such a delicate time. The upper summit has worked tirelessly to ensure that members are not only inspired into activity, but they maintain such activity with new, fresh ideas. This sparked the initial idea of Port Ol’val and has disseminated into the very fabric of the houses. Each house member has been approached by their House summit and individually asked what they want to see in the future. This level of friendliness and initiative has only been achieved through the long and arduous process of training.<br><br>

Wuntila was one of the lead authors of the re-clanning proposal which saw Arcona rise from a House back to Clan status. In his capacity as one of the leading authors, he oversaw the writing, construction, formatting and order of issues brought about, taking considerable time to make sure not only his own writing was up to scratch, but that of others. Over a three-day period, he wrote over 10,000 words for both parts of the proposal. Each and every asset Arcona used in said proposal was painstakingly planned out and submitted through the watchful eyes of Wuntila, the Consul, Timeros and myself. It was a mammoth task, but one which Wun took on with passion and it is one of his greatest achievements in the Dark Brotherhood.<br><br>

Finally, as a footnote, it’s worthy to remember that he managed to place 14th in the recent Independence Games after entering only two events (given that he had exams and essay deadlines for university during that period). Wuntila is a man of many, many talents and it’s high time he was rewarded in a manner which reflects this. Well done. – Sashar Arconae.<br><br>

Well, Wuntila has been the heart and soul of Arcona since he rejoined the summit as my Aedile late last year. Since then he has exemplified everything that a leader should be, pioneering schemes to coax activity out of the members and making sure that everyone has something to do and someone to support them. Not only this, but Wuntila has stayed active in his own right, participating in numerous competitions on offer in Arcona and the Brotherhood as a whole, taking part with skill and more often than not, taking one of the top 3 positions when he entered. <br><br>

So, he's a good leader, he's active and he's got the skills that thrill(s). However, it is the personality of Wuntila that truly helps to meld these various parts into the whole that has pulled Arcona through the trials to becoming a Clan once more. He is approachable, friendly and fiercely loyal, all traits that have proven to be exceptionally helpful in his job as the 2IC of Arcona and he commands respect from everyone who deals with him. More than this though, Wuntila has been extremely important when it came to the proposal which was presented with regards to regaining status as Clan. Sam was instrumental in helping to write and present the various arguments and presentations to the Grand Master and his work was integral in getting Arcona regaining Clan status. <br><br>

Wuntila is the best leader I've seen for a long time. He's active, approachable and exceptionally good at his job. He keeps the summit working together and not tearing each other's throats out, and he is possibly one of the most patient people I've worked with in the Brotherhood. He fully deserves this and then some, but hopefully this small token of our thanks will do. <br><br>

Bloody good work Sam, you've more than earned this. – Zandro Arconae<br><br>

When I first met Wuntila, he was already a powerhouse of DJB activity. As a new member in his original Clan, he had already distinguished himself in being active and amazing, a true breath of fresh air in a Brotherhood whose conception of ‘new member’ tends to involve leetspeak and sentences that can only be comprehended through painstaking cryptographic efforts. Wuntila, on the other hand, drew attention by being intelligent, well-spoken and concise, and his joining us was an immense breath of fresh air to Arcona. His innate leadership talent coupled with a fiery and exuberant attitude towards, well, everything has helped propel him first to Aedile of House Arcona, and then in no small due to his efforts exalted us to Clan – and him to Proconsul. As fellow Summit members - though in fairness I must admit that compared to Wuntila, I hardly feel like a leader at all - we worked together on Arcona’s initial proposal for Clanhood, putting together the arguments that would grant us Clanhood. When the Star Chamber raised the first round of counters, he once again took the lead in bringing forth Arcona’s argument and, in no small part thanks to his efforts, we finally gained Clan status.<br><br>

Even after this tremendous achievement, itself more than sufficient to grant a member inclusion as one of Arcona’s pillars, our Proconsul has forged on, creating and refining the operation system of activity, linking together many hitherto disjointed activities into coherent storylines and plots. He has also spent a significant amount of time awarding members and leaders for their efforts, so that no one goes under-appreciated in the Shadow Clan, save himself. Given Wuntila’s activity, I don’t think anything we could offer would be a suitably grand compensation, so I guess a Sapphire Blade will have to do.<br><br> - Timeros Entar Arconae<br><br>

Hm. What to say that can properly portray why Wuntila Zratian Entar deserves this Sapphire Blade without writing so much that 1) I blind you all with a wall of text or 2) that I start to repeat myself. A hard task, clearly. So here we go: <br><br>

To put it baldly, Wuntila is quite possibly one of the best members of the Dark Brotherhood that I have ever seen in my 4 years as a brother, and definitely the most dedicated, active, and hardworking of Arcona’s leaders. I like to tell myself that Wuntila is “di Tenebrous Arconae” in everything but name; he’s always around, always available to offer advice or help mentor a member (be they new or old), give feedback on ideas. <br><br>

When it comes to being the Proconsul of Arcona, Wun never has a low supply of praise for his subordinates, but only when they deserve it, and trust me, when said subordinates need a strict talking to or (virtual) cuff on the back of the head…he’s always there. But that’s what makes Wuntila such a great leader, he’s proficient in both areas of leadership and in the areas that he falls short in, of which there aren’t many, his dynamic relationship with Zandro Erinos Arconae, our Consul, quickly balances it out. <br><br>

Additionally, Wuntila’s contributions to the Clan, beyond just sitting in the position of Proconsul, are numerous. I’ll let the Activity List that will be submitted with this recommendation show the exact details of what he’s done but let me capitalize on two points of great import: <br><br>

Without Wuntila, Arcona would not have regained Clan Status. 2) Without Wuntila, Arcona would still sport a defunct Order of Battle, with a “so-so” military. Now, Arcona boasts a diverse military, consisting of four branches that not only is more “modern”, but also allows members to join and advance within their branch of choice dependent on their Prestige Rankings. <br><br>

The final thing I’d like to add is that Wuntila doesn’t quit when the going gets tough; recently, Wun had an accident concerning his laptop that, for the most part, put him out of contact with the rest of the Clan. This was at a time when we were running one of our joint-Operations with House Tarentum and having our leaders present and visible was quite important. <br><br>

However, despite Wun being “screwed” and when just taking a step away from the Brotherhood would be the easiest thing to do, he dominated his mobile device to stay on mIRC as much as he could and constantly sent out updates to the Arconan Summit from an older computer. That right there is dedication and loyalty. That right there is what makes Wuntila Zratian Entar a great friend, mentor, and leader. And that right there is why he deserves a Sapphire Blade. Congratulations, Wun! Definitely well earned! <br><br> Talos Erinos<br><br>

As I write this reccomendatin for Wun, I can't help but think back to when I was trying to pull his leg just to get him to be a BTL with me. Who would have thought that he would exceed even that, climbing from Aedile, to Proconsul? I knew it all along, and Wun has continued to prove that he is one of the finest members of not just Arcona, but the entire brotherhood. He asserts his leadership better than anyone I've ever served under. He is inspiring, passionate, and cares more about his members than himself. It's this selfless drive that makes Wun so great. He doesn't mind being the "bad guy" in a situation if it means getting the job done, and doing what's best for the House. I'm not one for long drawn out reccs, but feel that I shouldn't need to, honestly. His actions speak for themselves, and there is no one else I would rather throw my weight behind and support in a given task. He is a great leader, a good friend, and a better person.<br><br> Marick del’Abbot

Adept Sashar Erinos Arconae, 2011-07-07 02:58:22 UTC