Grand Cross events for Warlord Wuntila Zratis Entar Arconae

Grand Cross events
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Grand Cross
Requested by
Augur Cethgus Tiberius Entar
Primary reason

I would like to award my old Aedile, Wuntila the Grand Cross of the Dark Side. Though it has been a while since he was my Aedile, his hard work was forgotten about until I recently discovered it. He was a dedicated and hard working person, who always wanted to do the best for his house and clan at that time. He has truly earned this medal for the effort he put in, below is just a small portion of what he did as my Aedile.

Wuntila had some pretty big shoes to fill when he took up the position of Aedile of Galeres. But he did it quickly, instantly he emailed the house letting them know of what he would be in the future, and letting them know a bit about him. But no sooner had he done this than he was moving to helping people. Wuntila worked on the Houses Wiki page, updating it at the time and he looked over all the wiki pages associating with House Galeres making sure that they were all up to date. A task that no-one looks forward too but I found that he took it in his stride, getting down to it and completing it in hours.

Wuntila was always a active IRC presence chatting with members and making them feel at home, he sorted issues out, helped them out with the site, and told the newer members what they should be doing for promotions. But the most work he was doing was behind the scenes which is always normally the case. He was always keeping the house in the loop, sending out constant reminds of competitions, announcing the latest news, and making sure that everyone was still active playing a crucial role in keeping the high standard of active.

Now onto the major stuff, he was a driver behind a idea called Dark Times, while we were looking to run this at the time, he was making sure that his ideas were heard, and he worked hard on the storyline, though this never happened till later, he was the main driving force of this project, taking everyone’s opinion in and writing up a proposal for it, his work made this a well planned plot, and his hard work should be noticed for this.

He also helped in the Clan Ground Forces, this was a ask that everyone put their input into, Wuntila though continued to always keep up to date with it, giving his opinion and ideas, he saw this right through to the end, and his hard work was appreciated by all of the clan summit. Also for me he ran competitions on a regular basis giving members something to participate in. As well as keeping everyone informed of what competitions he was running.

On top of the Above, Wuntila was charged with making sure all the Battle Team leaders were active and working hard with here teams. Sam kept a constant and steady level of activity with each of them, emailing them on a regular basis and catching them on IRC. What Stands out is the one again ability he has for going above and beyond, he helped them bring new ideas to life, to the team. He managed to get the battle teams to be active, and solved problems, concurs or general questions the battle team leaders had.

Now comes to the finally. I was away on holiday, leaving the House to a newish Aedile, while I was away Wuntila ran the house perfectly. Running competitions, posting out reports, and making sure everything was going like clock work. When I came back I found his hard work had not been unnoticed, he had proven he could do a lot, working with the battle team leaders, and completing a lot of the paper work, emails that had to be done.

He constantly wrote reports, ran competitions and had an IRC presence, all of which was outstanding. He went above and beyond the call that an Aedile has to do, making the House activity hit a high, and making us a proud clan and house. His hard work and effort was forgotten by me for that I apologize, and congratulate you now for your hard work.

Cethgus Entar

Augur Cethgus Tiberius Entar, 2011-02-15 08:51:36 UTC
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Grand Cross
Requested by
Adept Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae
Primary reason

Today, we gather to reward one of our paragons. In his time as one of the Brethren, Wun has shown that he is an apt writer, exceptional leader, content-provider, and participant, as well as a mentor and student in kind. Since he was last awarded, he has (co)organized 15 competitions and participated in 35, both during Vendettas and in the day-to-day, as evidenced by his exceptional collection of awards for fifteen placements: three Gold Novae , a Silver Nova, a Bronze Nova, three Crescents with Amethyst Stars, five Crescents with Sapphire Stars, and two Crescents with Topaz Stars. Beyond those competition awards, he’s garnered many more markers of a present and persevering member, including 21 Clusters of Fire for gaming, 20 Clusters of Ice for completing 1 ACC match and submitting 5593 words of fiction, three Scrolls of Foundation, and one Scroll of the Master for training Rins’zler Sang-Kalinor to Knighthood. Furthermore, as part of his continued dedication to improving himself as a member and leader, he has also passed three Shadow Academy Courses and provided grading for ten.

Most astounding, however, is not merely his activity, but his record as a leader. Wuntila has served in eight different leadership, magistrate, or other adjunct positions, with over 28 months of combined service in those positions. He served several of those not only in Arcona, but in Dark Councillor’s officers, including 3 months as Magistrate to the Voice, 3 months as a Shadow Academy Professor, 5 months as Magistrate to the Seneschal, 4 months as Proconsul, 4 months as Magistrate to the Voice, 2 months as Consul, and, since his return in January of this year, 3 months as Aedile and 4 months as an ACC Judge, wherein he’s graded 7 ACC matches. While his Quaestor will speak more specifically to his recent work at the House level, and the Combat Master to his ACC work, I can attest to Wun’s constant desire to do but one thing: help. He desires only to help wherever and however he can, to improve his Clan, to teach and assist his teammates — even by making video tutorials on how to use programs like Trello and Telegram — to award and encourage his members, to compete as an example, to guide, to develop, to produce. He will be the first to tackle a new project, to propose wiki edits, to gather data for reference for the Summit, to proof for one of his members, to give feedback on their work — nothing is below him. He not only has experience to pass on in completing all these thousand tasks, but sincerely wishes to give it, to give back to Arcona and the Brotherhood that shaped him. And, while it may seem simple, that goal is an immense one, demanding a devotion that he meets with frankness and enthusiasm.

For all the reasons listed, for his caliber, attitude, and accomplishments, I am pleased to hereby award Wun this Grand Cross. Thank you, Sam, and congratulations.

Atyiru Caesura Entar

Consul of Clan Arcona

Adept Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae, 2016-06-07 03:57:44 UTC
Additional reasons

Wuntila has been a healthy contribution to the ACC staff over the past 4 months. Since his hiring, he worked hard to get himself qualified by doing reverse shadowing on one of my match gradings and exams. He has since Judged 7 ACC Battles, and graded 1 Qualification Exam. He has been active in discussions of mechanics and tweaks, and delivers a high quality of detail in his judgements that have yielded positive feedback from competitors.

Thank you for the hard work, Wuntila. It is appreciated.

Combat Master

Master Marick Tyris Arconae, 2016-06-07 03:57:27 UTC

Sam – Wuntila for some – is a pillar of activity and support within both Clan Arcona and the wider Brotherhood. As to his services to the Shadow Academy, he served for three months as a fulltime professor before RL matters led to his resignation. As Praetor to the Headmaster, at the time, I would describe his dedication to his department as excellent and going above and beyond that which is expected of our staffers. If events had not transpired towards his resignation, I imagine Sam would still be a valuable addition to the current staff.

Wuntila is the kind of leader that the club can never have enough of. He is approachable, has great people skills and is always there when someone needs him. I joined Arcona during his tenure as Consul and would have probably left the club if not for Sam and his uncanny ability to be at just the right place at exactly the right time. It is this ability that leads me to recommend this member for the award in question. An ability that has not diminished in his hiatus from this club. From the moment of his return, Sam has jumped straight back into the thick of things. It is a wonderful comfort to once again have him looking out for the members of Arcona.

Ood Bnar

Warlord Ood Bnar, 2016-06-07 03:56:15 UTC

It is easy to forget the great accomplishments of a single member until you stop to appreciate everything they have done for the unit they serve - and the Brotherhood, through that service - and the people’s hearts and minds they have swayed. I am honored to lift up a sworn Arconae, Wuntila, today for a Grand Cross.

When you review his body of work, you will see that he successfully held positions for the Voice Office, Seneschal, and Headmaster in various capacities. In addition, he served as a direct Clan Leader for Arcona for a period of six months that saw several major Brotherhood-wide wins in the Dark Crusade: Kalsunor, Krayiss, Bhargebba, and Fading Light. His presence did not end there, though, as he remained an active voice in the Arconae and the Clan Summit until he was pulled back into service recently as Aedile of House Galeres and a Judge for the Antei Combat Center. As a member of the current, active Summit, he provides critical analysis of our unit; forcing us to be better as a collective group. He has also been instrumental in the development of a fictional plot release over his past several reports to drive the House forward; including several open prompt fiction competitions to engage the members and solicit their ideas. In addition to these fiction updates, he was recently involved in the House Galeres Wiki update that saw a lot of dialogue, e-mails, and edits before properly updating the House page after nearly two years. His work did not stop there, though, as he translated his passion for character development into a Brotherhood-wide competition entitled “The Magical 1%” that explored the lives of the Loyalists and Mercenaries that are not ’gifted’ in the Force; forcing people to examine new angles and understand how their characters are special.

Sam has also been key in updating how we operate. He introduced Trello to the group and got our leadership team streamlined with dates and much needed collective organization. We can now make a one-stop shop at the board to see what is coming up, what is pending, and what is overdue. To help with this transition, he created a tutorial video for Trello that eased older members (and the less tech savvy) into how it worked and how it would benefit them. To this end, he helped produce and publish the article How Galeres Works to create transparency for role clarity within the House. It went through several drafts before we nailed it: placing members as the masters of their own fate with support from the leadership. We also created our first House Conclave where people were able to come together to address concerns and provide alternate ideas for the direction and growth of the House.

For his tremendous effort in the past and his sustained effort now, I am honored to present Sam his next Grand Cross. Thank you for your long-term contributions and the promise you have made to our future.

Braecen Kaeth
Quaestor of Galeres

Adept Braecen Kaeth, 2016-06-07 03:55:55 UTC