Ruby Scepter events for Battlemaster Brimstone aka Seabr'imsto'nedansr

Ruby Scepter events
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Ruby Scepter
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Corsair Korvis
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Prolific, Copious, a metric ton, really I am not entirely sure of the right word or phrase to describe the exact amount of activity that Brimstone has demonstrated over the last two years since his last award. His participation levels are nothing short of astounding. The breadth and volume of his dedication to participating in large-scale events and competitions is a highlight of his work ethic. As someone once said, numbers don’t lie, so here are some figures on Brimstone's volume of work.

Since Brimstone was last recognized in January of 2019 (931 days ago) he has participated in 364 competitions. That is an average of nearly one competition every 2.5 days. His awards total 2 gold Nova, 53 Crescents, 535 Clusters, and 6 Pendants of blood. He composed 16,078 words of fiction and 7 run-on posts with a total of 4142 words. That is over 20,000 words of fiction. He also ran 17 competitions himself during this time frame. He gained 6 Shadow academy degrees and passed 19 total courses.

Brimstone's excellence in participation is perhaps shown in how he shows up for major events. Since his last award, we have had three Brotherhood-wide vendettas. During those vendettas, he participated in 30 events in GJWXIII, 13 in GJWXIV, and 14 in ROS: Escalations. For the third straight vendetta, Brimstone has gained 100% bin completion which is a rare feat in and of itself.

While normally reserved for leadership and projects the Ruby Scepter states that it is for extreme dedication to one or more specific aspects of the organization. Brimstone has shown that one can deserve this award for participation alone, albeit on a rare occasion. The sheer volume and time it takes to compile the numbers above is definitely extreme dedication. I am more than happy to recommend Brimstone for this prestigious award and am looking forward to his continued success in the Brotherhood and Clan Vizsla.

Corsair Korvis, 2021-07-29 00:55:55 UTC