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Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor
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It has been more than four years since Eminent Val Cole left the Dark Council, but in that time, he has found a myriad of ways to contribute to the Brotherhood. Over these last four years, he has been an integral part of the group of leaders advising two Grand Masters, and for much of his time since leaving the Council, he has been an active participant and, most recently, an accomplished leader at the Clan level. His varied contributions have left positive impacts on multiple Clans and the Councilors with which he has worked; it is rare that the combination of even temperament, experience, and leadership ability are all maintained even after a member has left the Dark Council, but Val is one such case.

Over the least few years, Val's activity and leadership have been impressive. Sarin describes Val's personal accolades in detail below, but it is worth noting that he is one of the few members that has completed all bins oin the last two Vendettas he took part in. This impressive achievement, along with multiple Novae earned, helped his Clans place in both of the last two Vendettas we have had. Later, as a founding member and Proconsul of Vizsla, he helped guide the unit to forming its first House, and when its Consul had his time reduced due to real life for a brief period, he stepped up and helped run our first Clan Feud in some time, marking him as one of the few non-Council members to run a Vendetta in recent memory. Sarin provides additional details on his noteworthy accomplishments as a member of Vizsla, below, that highlight Val's excellent activity. Val also contributed to the Shadow Academy and benefited the Brotherhood as a whole, first as a Professor handling gaming courses, and later as a Docent in the Shadow Academy with Leadership Hall responsibilities. In these capacities, Val managed courses and graded more than 50 exams with an under 9 hour average turnaround time.

But most of my personal interactions with Val over the last few years have been as an advisor, where he has excelled. First, as Magistrate to Pravus, and later, as my informal advisor, Val has been an essential contributor to many major decisions in the Brotherhood. Val has weighed in on various decisions ranging from the selection of new Consuls and Councilors to modification and additions to major changes to our systems from fiction to gaming. Val has his ear to the ground, and when he notes concerns he hears from members, he is quick to approach us respectfully. Val's reasoned perspective and objective evaluation has allowed us to address many member concerns rapidly. The kind of feedback Val provides is particularly useful due to his extensive experience on the Dark Council and across multiple Clans that gives him a unique perspective on member concerns.

In short, just as when he was a Dark Councilor, Val has been an exemplary member with a range of varied and important contributions to our club. And most recently, he has helped form a Clan, conducted a Feud, maintained a high level of activity and leadership, and been an instrumental advisor. These varied activities have helped make the Brotherhood a better place, not just for the members of the Clans he has served, but for all of us. As such, I congratulate Val Cole on his new Ruby Scepter!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Grand Master

Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor, 2020-04-19 21:15:22 UTC
Additional reasons

Eminent Val Cole has established himself as one of the most dedicated and loyal members of our Club. Past awards and achievements have highlighted his real world efforts to increase our club's exposure (t-shirts, business cards, promotion at conventions) and his phenomenal in club work as both a leader and member. This Ruby Scepter recommendation is for Val's latest work in our club and it remains consistent with his long term participation and creation in the Dark Brotherhood.

Over the past two years Val has organized ten competitions, participated in 65, submitted over 77 unique gaming events, and written over 3500 words of fiction. Those efforts generated 4 Nova, 10 various competition crescents, 6 Pendants of Blood, over 980 Clusters, 29 Scrolls of Foundation, and 39 Seals for competing in Vendettas.

Val's participation beyond competition creation and competition participation was varied and included Magistrate to the Grand Master, Shadow Academy Docent (11 months), and Proconsul of the newly established Clan Vizsla (10 months). Within this work Val was a primary generated and creator of nearly all Clan Vizsla documents from idea generation, to proposal, to implementation. This work included the Vizsla proposal, Clan Possessions, and related documentation.

Upon implementation of the Clan as an Independent House, Val led our efforts in the Great Jedi War and secured our right to be called a Clan and our right to establish a new House. Following these efforts, Val went on to lead the planning, grading, and organization of a Clan feud against Plagueis. Val's work on the feud was instrumental to its success and he covered not only his role, but also mine, due to my real world obligations.

Val continues to participate in the Club at a high level and upon stepping down, he placed again, within the GMRG top ten quarterly leader-boards, showing that he is and will remain a valued contributor to our club's activities.

Val, thanks for all you have done. It has been a long ride since our terrible internet in Iraq in 2008 and I appreciate you sticking it out with me and the DJB!

Grand Master Darth Pravus, 2020-04-19 21:09:04 UTC