Steel Cross events for Mandalorian Korvis Manda'vod

Steel Cross events
Event ID
Steel Cross
Non-site XP
464 XP
Requested by
Wuntila Zratis Entar Arconae
Primary reason

Vynn has been heavily involved in Arcona since his return back in late November, jumping straight into the deep end with a number of projects, consisting of both clan-wide initiatives, and independent work, all for the benefit of the clan.

Vynn has already been awarded a Dark Cross for his efforts in scouring his computer and providing a significant amount of history on Arcona, its lore, and what once was. This was incredible, and has been integral in the fictional/historical development of the clan as a whole.

In the past two months he has also invested a great amount of his time and effort in a clan-wide project which endeavoured to overhaul the entirety of Arcona's armed forces and navy. This is no mean feat, especially given how outdated the wikipedia pages and the information therein was. Nevertheless, he, along with Ood and Andrelious, has been one of the biggest contributors. He has aided in the construction of Arcona's First and Second Fleets, and he has spent weeks perfecting plans and images of the NSD Invicta with its new Gravity Well Generators, and an image of the damaged Creeping Darkness. While the project is still ongoing, I feel that Vynn has done enough to warrant significant reward.

The Dark Brotherhood Wikipedia states that the Steel Cross is awarded is for "... extended service to one's House or Clan, such as duties that aid a Quaestor or Aedile as well as being a mentor to others. Activity over a period of some time that goes above and beyond what is considered normal can also be rewarded with this award." I feel Vynn has not only offered his services to the Clan, but he has squeezed a significant workload for a massive project into two months, which can only be described as considerably 'above and beyond the norm'.

It is for this reason that I request Vynn be rewarded with a Steel Cross.

Congratulations, Vynn.

~Wuntila Arconae, Consul of Clan Arcona.

Wuntila Zratis Entar Arconae, 2013-01-28 18:31:25 UTC