Amethyst Kukri events for Seer Anubis Taldrya

Amethyst Kukri events
Event ID
Amethyst Kukri
Requested by
Master Thane "Atra" Skotos
Primary reason

When it comes to Zxyl Venzos Taldrya, it isn't an understatement to describe his efforts as critical to the operation of the Regent staff over this past year. As my Praetor, he has carved out his role by refusing to be a "Yes Man" but challenging every decision being made, bringing perspective and questions. This is critical to making the right calls, or at least the best call we can try to make. It helps us to consider all the perspectives before moving forward. Additionally, he has helped in the training of magistrates by bringing his direct experience and enthusiasm to the forefront, often with large info drops that have gone on to be incorporated into Regent Staff instruction manuals that he has assisted myself in creating. Frankly, I could go on for paragraphs about the effect Zxyl's presence has within my staff environment, but intangibles can only go so far and there's no point padding beyond the base truth: he gets the job done and ensures that others get the job done too.

Since his last recognition, Zxyl has been instrumental in the implementation of several content releases, corrections, and upgrade systems. As the Regent staff is still somewhat new within the Dark Brotherhood's existence, it's important to outline just what is involved in the creation of a single Item Prototype. It is a multi-stage process that involves initial research and population. This gets you the item, its description, categorization, and potential pricing structure. From there, it is reviewed and cleaned up over several passes before being finalized for pricing and description. Then, it is necessary to create the system image using the Regent Item Template in Photoshop. From there, it then needs to be brought into the system and fully detailed with any slotting, aspects, and store stocking rules. When it comes to rules, there are always at least two: stocking after sale and unstocking after return. This whole process is for a single item. Needless to say, there is very rarely a single item included in a release, so multiply this process exponentially. It is no joke to say that each release is a significant time investment.

So, what are we looking at in terms of numbers? Starting with the Space Vehicle Upgrades Project, Zxyl took a primary role in the review and design of 135 upgrades, including their tier categorization and pricing. In order to release those upgrades (which was done as individual Item Prototypes), it was necessary to remove existing Aspect slots from existing Space Vehicles and add the related slots as defined by our rarity policy for Space Vehicle Upgrades. In total, Zxyl processed 99 Item Prototypes in this way. With the next step in Upgrades, Zxyl worked to implement Weapon Item slotting in our Combat Droids In total, it was necessary to add a related "unstock" rule to all weapons in the system so that when a Droid was sold alongside its weapons, those weapons would be removed from Utilis Innovations, avoiding the stocking of weapons in the incorrect store. In total, 252 Item Prototypes had to be updated with these unstocking rules. Carrying on with the Upgrades deploy, Droids themselves received their Upgrade system. To do so, Zxyl created 20 new Aspect Types that would be used by Droids for Upgrades. Then, he entered 85 Upgrades into the system under those Aspect Types. He then worked with the Regent Staff magistrate to have the Aspect slots updated on all Droids and ensured correct deployment during the Maintenance Window. Finally, for the "Order of the Fallen Mandalorian" update, Zxyl was instrumental in the design and deployment of 36 Item Prototypes.

That's all just the current deployed work from Zxyl on staff. That in itself is equivalent to hours upon hours of work effort. On top of that, he had to keep up with my own rapid sprints of activity where we easily put in tens of hours of work in a single week at a time to work through the phases of development. All of this work has had a measurable impact on the Brotherhood itself through the Possessions system and how it impacts the member base. On top of that, all of this work would not have been completed without him. At least not in the timeframe that it was.

For his exceptional work, dedication, and focus on the Regent Staff, I offer my recommendation to grant Zxyl Venzos Taldrya an Amethyst Kukri. It is well earned, and thank you, Zxyl.

Master Thane "Atra" Skotos, 2020-12-29 23:12:15 UTC
Additional reasons

Zxyl Taldrya Venzos, alternately known as Noobis, Nihlus, and many other names, has been a steady contributor to Taldryan since his promotion to EQ3 in February. As numbers go, he’s participated in 24 competitions, including 12 events during GJW XIV. For those efforts, he’s received a Silver Nova, a Crescent with Amethyst Star, and a Crescent with Sapphire Star. He’s also racked up 75 Clusters of Fire, 8 Clusters of Earth, 14 Clusters of Ice, and 14 Clusters of Graphite.

Besides his activities as a line member, Zxyl has contributed a great deal to the Clan as a member of the Taldryan Summit, first as Aedile of Ektrosis in February (continuing from prior to his last promotion) and then during his nine-month term as Proconsul of Taldryan. He’s helped to organise and track the Taldryan Summit’s activities, creating a Trello board for Summit members to coordinate on projects, and reorganised the shared Google Drive we use for storing our project files.

Regarding specific projects, Zxyl has also taken the lead in updating Taldryan’s Wiki presence. He created a monster spreadsheet for our Wiki improvement project, tracking the update status of each page and individual members’ contributions to said updates, ensuring each page has been categorised correctly. He was instrumental in planning the Clan’s current storyline, Aggressive Expansion, and ran its fictional intro competition (New Pursuits) back in April. He created four NPCs to be used as adversaries to Taldryan member characters during the story, including full character sheets and fictional backgrounds, and contributed 6600 words in Clan fiction updates (posted in the story’s Discourse thread). Most recently, he helped to plan the Pro Bowl between Taldryan, Plagueis, and CNS this past September, and served as one of the team captains.

Although his service as Praetor to the Regent is both more visible and arguably more impactful on the Brotherhood as a whole than his work as Proconsul, Zxyl’s contributions to Taldryan are worthy of recognition. As such, I’m happy to add my recommendation to the request that Zxyl be awarded the Amethyst Kukri.

Adept Seraine "Erinyes" Taldrya Ténama, 2020-12-29 22:55:20 UTC