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Zanet Xox
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’Twas a sad but long expected and awaited day when Evant stepped down as my Praetor to take a full position on the Dark Council. He remains everything I could have wanted out of my right hand co-leader: quick on processing requests; eager to reach out to members and leaders if something was fishy, easy to be contacted with questions, a firm but understanding leader.

Since his well earned promotion, he continued to grow. He continued to spearhead keeping up with competitions not being judged fast enough. He continued to diligently work on the never ending project that is an MAA manual. He continued to locate and help narrow down our recommendations of the month, an ongoing process that also brings with it regular in depth conversations about our standards and what we expect out of recommendations (conversations both internally and with leaders of the club). He continued to regularly work with me to update MAA policies, collapse redundant Wiki pages or out right delete them. He also graded the MAA: Competitions Shadow Academy course throughout the stretch. This eight month stretch also, of course, incorporates the deluge of promotion and medal requests that come with the Great Jedi War. While no where near the beast that Crusade medals were, I also consider the competence of my staff to be a huge factor in how smoothly post-vendetta recognition went this year.

Much MAA work is a constant stream of little things, but with Evant’s stable assistance that stream never flooded us. He accomplished all of this while both serving as a CSP AED and then PCON and gradually indoctrinating his daughter in the ways of Star Wars. Evant has been an absolutely invaluable member of my staff. He has shaped what I expect out of a Praetor (hint, hint panda!). Everything that has come out of the MAA office over the past year has involved in some small or large extent Evant’s wisdom, hard work, dedication, and incredibly long, detailed, statistically analyzed emails. Thank you for this work, Evant. You are in a well earned place now ~ Aabsdu Dupar, Master at Arms

Zanet Xox, 2015-07-07 17:56:54 UTC
Additional reasons

Evant Taelyan, is one hell of a member, and one of the hardest working people this club has ever seen. We planned epic stories, plotted massive efforts, braced against the threats that faced Scholae Palatinae, and eventually weathered the storm to see Scholae Palatinae reclanned. He was a leading voice in the push for GJW activity, tracking said activity, and prepping the rewards for the members of CSP. With the return of clan status we worked together very closely in planning out the housing proposals. These first few months of clan status would have been far more rocky had Evant not been here to help calm the ship. Our most recent storyline, Forgotten, focusing in on the leftovers the Infinite Empire left in our system was fully plotted out by Evant, along with him running the first act of it entirely by himself. While seeing him go on to the DC is amazing, there is a big Evant shaped hole here in CSP. He certainly left his mark here, and CSP is far, far better for what he has done here.

Lord Idris Adenn, 2015-07-06 23:32:38 UTC

While fulfilling his Praetor duties to Aabs and the office of the MAA in general, Evant was always helpful. No question that I’d have was to dumb, and he was quick to give a solid answer. He explained a lot of the functions that were suddenly at my fingertips, and advised me on how not to break the site. Whether teaching myself and Landon how not to bugger everything up, or what was a good recc and what was a bad one, Evant was never hard to reach for help. He also did an awesome job handling the Equite promotions, and explaining why he would approve, or remand them, so that we’d know better how to do our own jobs. Thanks for all the help, Evant, and good luck.

General Stres'tron'garmis, 2015-07-06 23:34:09 UTC

Evant served as Aabsdu's Praetor for about 9 months - and in that time that we worked together he was a steadfast and dedicated worker. Evant participated in every discussion of higher level awards (more often than not on the more reasonable and less angry side). He was always willing to look the opposing view, whether it was mine or someone else's, and moreover, he learned to see the nuances in the way the Brotherhood awards its members. To me personally? His different approaches did teach me things - his crazy whacky ideas were sometimes so unbelievably off the mark (:P) - but sometimes he looked at issues in a different and ultimately effective way.

Those somewhat vague notions of MAAly activity, combined with his willingness to buckle down and approve (or not!) things over the last nine months from my own observations, as well as his spearheading (even though I hate the damn thing :) the golden recommendations? I heartily recommend Evant for that weird purple stabby medal.


Howlader Taldrya, 2015-07-06 23:34:51 UTC

I may be a bit bias when it comes to Evant, but that's because I have had the opportunity to work under him in both the MAA office and CSP. I could speak on his abilities in the MAA and go on for weeks as he has impacted it that much. I won't name everything done as many have covered it above. The biggest impact that Evant has made comes in his honest ability to care for each members request. Many times when members had questions that some might find silly, or even readily available on the wiki, Evant takes the time to detail to the members the appropriate steps needed to correct or push through a pending submission. This kind of thought and dedication to our members was huge. I know many personally appreciated it. Evant is one of a kind and I know he will keep doing great things in the DJB. This is just the tip of the iceberg for him. Keep up the good work brother.

Maximus Alvinius, 2015-07-07 08:36:48 UTC