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As of tomorrow (July 26, 2014), Aabsdu, Malik, and Evant will have served as Magistrates to the MAA for 8 months. Until I had served in this office I would never have understood or appreciated the amount of work involved in keeping things running. I won't try and say things have been perfect or always run completely smoothly, because there have been bumps along the way.

But I have been able to rely on these Magistrates for a great deal during their time of service. They were involved in discussing every recommendation for an Equite+ promotion or sacramental award that came through the MAA office. They often found or saw details that I had missed in making my own evaluation of things.

As a token of my appreciation, and to reward them for the time and work involved in this service, I am pleased to award a Sapphire Blade to each of them.

Congratulations, gentlemen, and again, thank you.

Gavriel Kadesh, 2014-07-25 14:42:46 UTC