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Steel Cross
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Lord Idris Adenn
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Evant Taelyan is the stalwart member we always hope and dream to get. Even without a leadership position in Scholae Palatinae, he pushes himself to be at the front of every event and make sure that anything that needs to be done.

With the recent Crusade Runon, Evant was the one who put together a list of information ranging from Sarin's recent fiction update, to information for each of the characters on our team so we could all start out on equal footing. From there he also made a list of major points we should focus on. He made sure everyone knew what was going on throughout the Runon. He helped proofread nearly all the posts as well, and left comments for ways peoples post could have been improved or tie together better.

Outside of the Runon, Evant has taken a large interest in making sure the Fleet of Scholae Palatinae is in order. With the "main" Crusade over, there were a lot of points to spend, and our purchase meant we needed a pretty substantial reorganization. Evant is the one who took our entire forces and came to a logical and well thought out organization. Given my own total lack of understanding of military forces, this is something I totally could not have accomplished without Evant. And he did it without any prompting.

Evant also has a continuing eye for making sure HSP has many things to look forward to. Late last year he organized the first of the Looking Home Campaign events, and with the next one quickly approaching he has been full of many ideas for things to do in it. While this one isn't being organized by him, he has continued to be more than helpful at looking things over and coming up with different things to try for it.

All in all, Evant is a most excellent member of Scholae Palatinae, and I don't know what I would do without him around. He is in it for more than just himself and genuinely cares about the House and the Club. Something that I find is more and more rare. For his great efforts in the recent months I recommend he be awarded this Steel Cross.

Congratulations Evant!

Lord Idris Adenn, 2014-03-27 19:40:28 UTC