Ruby Scepter events for Augur Alaris Jinn

Ruby Scepter events
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Ruby Scepter
Requested by
Eminent Kalan Amak
Primary reason

Over the past year, Alaris has done an exceptional job as my Magistrate. As M:Fist, Alaris took on the monumental task of organizing and running the first ever Brotherhood Gaming League event, organized gaming competitions and tests, served as a Docent for the Gaming and Combat courses, and processed hundreds of gaming submissions.

Late in 2017, I announced in a report that I was looking for a Magistrate to assist me in helming a brotherhood wide Gaming League, focused on finding the best of the best in our four most popular platforms: Jedi Academy, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, and Overwatch. Alaris' application stood out above all others, and so I immediately hired him and tasked him with serving as a sort of "Commissioner" for the event. Alaris took complete ownership of the task and organized a year long event. This monumental undertaking involved eight distinct competitions, each with a different seeding/scoring method, culminating in four "Tournament of Champions" events for each of the featured games. On top of manually managing this entire system, Alaris took things one step further. Earlier this year, the club lost one if its most prolific gamers. Alaris was the first to suggest honoring Frosty Romanae Tarentae by naming the tournament, titles, and trophies in his honor. This level of care and compassion for Frosty's memory speaks to Alaris not only as a staff member and as a leader, but as a person as well.

On top of his BGL duties, Alaris organized monthly competitions for the Fist Monthly Gaming challenges, and organized a support test for Fortnite. While this test did not yield to Fortnite being added to the DJB library, Alaris' efforts cannot be ignored. He prepared a full support proposal including rules, cluster values, and ways to make the game fit in our library. Should the game ever see a rise in popularity in the club, Alaris has ensured that all the necessary staff work is done to ensure a smooth addition of the game into the supported library.

My Magistrates are responsible for managing a minimum of two Shadow Academy courses in the Gaming and Combat Hall. While this is outside of the normal responsibilities for a Fist Magistrate, Alaris took this responsibility just as seriously as his normal Magistrate duties. As the Docent for the Armor, Land Vehicles, and Ranged Weaponry courses, Alaris took the time to review each course to ensure it was in line with current DB canon, updated/re-wrote sections as necessary, and ensured that courses were graded fairly and within the 24 hour standard set by the Headmaster.

Finally, Alaris is hands down one of the most meticulous magistrates I have ever had on my staff. He goes through every single submission with a fine toothed comb, ensuring that every member who should be on a submission is there, and every member who is not is removed. Nobody is better at spotting errors or discrepancies in gaming submissions than he is, period. Over the past year, Alaris has approved 302 PvE/PvO submissions and 131 PvP activities.

I could not have asked for a better person to serve as M:Fist and as my BGL "Commissioner". Alaris is one of the club's best, and this award is only a small token of my appreciation for his efforts.

Congratulations Alaris, and thank you.

Eminent Kalan Amak, 2018-12-27 18:35:29 UTC
Additional reasons

Alaris is an incredible member who has always given his best serving the Clan as Proconsul under my predecessor as well as myself for well over a year. During that time he diligently fulfilled his duties, contributing ideas and insights whenever needed and serving as an exemplary member of the Clan by being active both as participant and organizer of competitions for the Clan and Brotherhood.

Since he resigned, Alaris focused on serving the Brotherhood on a larger scale such as Left Hand of Justice, Shadow Academy Professor and Magistrate to the Fist where he continued to work as an outstanding staff member running a multitude of competitions for the Brotherhoods gaming community.

Most recently Alaris has brought himself to attention for becoming Second Hero of the Rite of Supremacy: Meridian, for not only participating in twenty-one out of twenty-nine competitions but also for scoring the second most points for a single member in the event and scoring the highest individual score for a member of Taldryan.

Alaris, you are one of the most dedicated members the Brotherhood has today and it surely wouldn't be the same place without your work. For this reason I am proud to have you as part of Taldryan and would like to thank you for all you have done with this Ruby Scepter. Congratulations, this one is well deserved.

Adept Rian Taldrya, 2018-12-20 21:21:45 UTC

Alaris has a long history of service in the Chamber of Justice, with more time under his belt as a Hand or on the Appeals Panel than any other member. Most recently, he completed a successful, if somewhat slow, term on the Appeals Panel before I selected him to serve as my first Left Hand of Justice.

I chose Alaris for the job because of his reliability, his temperament, and his experience, both in the Chamber and the club as a whole. It was the right choice. Alaris has helped me navigate my first few months as Justicar by offering timely, thoughtful advice and input, and by carrying out his duties -- namely, counseling and advocating for those charged or to-be-charged by the Chamber -- with expertise and diligence.

It has, thankfully, been a relatively quiet year for the Chamber, with only one investigation resulting in a published conviction. However, the lack of news from the Chamber belies the activity occurring behind the scenes. As Left Hand, he is always on call and has always been available. For the sole case of the year, Alaris spent hours consulting with me and the Right Hand, as well as counseling the defendant on his rights and the helping him to weigh the relative merits of pleading guilty or not guilty.

In other matters, Alaris has reviewed evidence for potential charges and provided cogent analysis and advice on how the Chamber should proceed. Throughout, he has never lost sight of his primary duty: protecting the rights of the members.

His assistance has been invaluable to the Chamber, and I am very pleased to be able to recommend him for this Ruby Scepter.

Master Dacien Victae, 2018-12-20 20:48:18 UTC