Character Snapshot (General Ronovi Tavisaen)

Character Snapshot for Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen (2017/11/18, Snapshot for GJWXII)

Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen

Equite 4, Equite tier, Clan Plagueis
Female Epicanthix, Sith, Juggernaut, Obelisk
Height: 2.01 m / 6'7" - Weight: 91.5 kg / 202 lbs
Age: 31 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

From a first look, Ronovi has a tall and looming frame. As is typical of an Epicanthix, she stands over an impressive two meters in height, with a long torso and strongly built legs so that she towers over allies and opponents. Her weight gives her a more slender look, but in truth she is built very much like a brick, being tough, sturdy, and battered. She is very well-toned, with broad shoulders and a chest that seems to belong more to a man than to a woman. Her right ear is slightly mangled, the lobe having been removed by a blaster bolt.

With her build being very appropriate to that of a soldier, Ronovi's other physical traits also complement her sharper and darker appearance. Her rounder jaw and more subdued cheekbones contrast well with her broader nose and thicker eyebrows. Her face holds a refined, almost noble aura about it despite a pronounced scar on the left side of her jaw and some small, white marks that line her chin, lips, and forehead. She keeps her naturally black hair long, usually tied back with a few strands falling across the nape of her neck and her collarbone. Overall, she has strong masculine features and has even been mistaken for a man from a distance.

Ronovi wears both civilian garb and military as well as ceremonial uniforms. However, her battle attire includes standard military black boots and breeches, a bronze-hued breastplate and gauntlets, and a sleeveless black coat with silver accents, which replaces the standard Dark Jedi cloak or robe. Under the coat, she keeps a small flask at her side that is normally filled with Whyren's Reserve, a rare and expensive brand of Corellian whiskey. Her left eye is a cybernetic implant, an electric patch that works as a vision replacement. Her organic eye, once a deep brown, has become amber due to the dark side's physiological effects on her body.

Loadout: Ronovi Tavisaen (Snapshot)
Silver Tongue (General Aspect)

Some people say that actions speak louder than words. For Ronovi Tavisaen, there is nothing wrong with using both. Whether or not on the battlefield, Ronovi uses a broad vocabulary, clever sarcasm, and sardonic wit to put down opponents and allies alike in arguments and banter. Although having such a snappy tongue winds up alienating allies and ending diplomatic meetings on a sour note, Ronovi cannot resist getting into a battle of wits and verbosity to either prove a point or simply have fun verbally eviscerating others or lobbing a comeback or comment in someone else's direction.

We Shape Our Tools; Our Tools Shape Us (General Aspect)

Ronovi is not a follower of any specific Force doctrines or teachings, despite the fact that she has grown familiar with several Force philosophies. This is because she simply thinks of the Force as a tool rather than a mystical entity. She maintains a down-to-earth, no-nonsense perspective of the dark side, practicing its arts with the idea that it assists her toward a greater end goal. To her, the Force is a manual, not a spiritual guide or almighty deity; what is most crucial is the individual power garnered from the Force and the end result of its teachings and its history. While many compare such a mindset to Obelisk ideologies, Ronovi claims that it is merely common sense.

I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing (Personality Aspect)

Over the years, Ronovi Tavisaen has felt her trust of others slowly withering away, leaving her with a sharp sense of vigilance and a need to overpower and manipulate those around her in order to feel comfortable. While her distrust of most people she knows keeps her alert and on edge in terms of potential betrayal or rebellion, the result is that Ronovi has very few allies and even fewer friends because she feels as though every positive word or act of loyalty toward her is nothing but a painstakingly shrouded ulterior motive, even though she does not always verbalize her feelings. Still, she is aware that others do not trust her any more than she trusts them, so why treat them any differently?

I Need a Drink! (Personality Aspect)

Ronovi Tavisaen is often confused and heavily saddened by the amount of idiocy that constantly surrounds her. It is often much easier for Ronovi Tavisaen to cope with people by ensuring she stays inebriated and dulling her senses. When unable to find alcohol for an extended period of time, Ronovi Tavisaen will devolve into a ravenous, hate-filled monster that is nigh impossible to be around. In other words, Ronovi Tavisaen is an addict.

Tonight, We Dine in Hell! (Combat Aspect)

Ronovi Tavisaen possesses a single minded drive for victory, and a deep-seated martyr complex. When presented with a chance to wade into battle versus overwhelming odds, Ronovi Tavisaen does not hesitate, and instead rushes in, relying on skill, fate or chance to let her survive.

Berserker (Combat Aspect)

Where most err on the side of caution in a confrontation, Ronovi Tavisaen prefers to charge in head-first. While others may skirt a battlefield or keep their careful distance, Ronovi Tavisaen rushes in with devastating attacks with seemingly no regard for safety, relying upon instinct and possibly armor to protect her from dismemberment and death during her all-out attacks. Ronovi Tavisaen is a force to be feared on the battlefield, leaving a trail of death and destruction. However, Ronovi Tavisaen's blood-hungry ways put her in far more danger than the normal combatant, often resulting in needless injury and suffering, trading safety for pure offensive ability.

Skill Feats
The Force is With Me
Force Feats
You've Got The Touch! Accelerated Healing I Static Shock I Energy Dispersion Reflexive Counter
Granted Feats
Surge II Epicanthix: Talk With Your Fists Epicanthix: Not Listening When You Say Order Feat: Sith Iron Pillar II
  • Basic
  • Bocce
  • Epicant
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Broken Gate
Secondary Martial Art Mandalorian Core
Primary Lightsaber Form Form VII (Juyo)
Secondary Lightsaber Form Form VII (Vaapad)