Amethyst Kukri events for Corsair Haran "Ji" Urr

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Amethyst Kukri
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Master Darth Aeternus
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Ji, the name itself is short and conclusive. The person behind it, however, is far more large and complex. He is constantly thinking, constantly finding new ways to change the House he is in and the brotherhood itself. He has constantly astounded me with his logic, and creative way of thinking. He is rarely wrong, and when he is he researches so he can get it right every time.

I met Ji on IRC, but only fully realized what he was when I played an NPC in the final Cestus run-on. Ji's creative thinking twisted the entire story into something that I never expected. It was exciting, adventurous, and all-in-all, just a good way to end a house. When he became Proconsul of Clan Tarentum, I fully supported him. He always had an idea, and never hesitated to implement it. He was always complimentary, even his criticisms were positive. He never EVER criticized another member, just to criticize them; just to tear them down. He always looked for ways to improve, to reform, and to renovate. Ji was very inspirational in the reformation of the clan. His work in Cestus helped him to build the Houses of Reinthaler and Kaerner. He knew which people would be supremely able to do which job, and he was right.

Then, during the Rite of Supremacy, he really took the reins. He bombarded members with encouragement, and his positive attitude was infectious. He was the main reason that I earned 7 seals, he just inspired me. And I guess he inspired others as well, because he was awarded a Sapphire Blade. But the ornamentation didn't give him a big head, he continued to be positive and encouraging as before. His latest work has been some of his greatest. He was one of the key masterminds of the current Tarentum storyline, "Theocracy of the Unwilling", and worked exceptionally hard on reforming the entire Tarentum Armed Forces. There was never a moment on IRC where he wasn't busy doing something else, and his response times were less than rapid because of it. The results of his work were always spectaculor, well thought out, and carefully drawn up.

Ji, you amazed me. You have truly made Tarentum into what it is, and you have been an awesome fellow Tarenti, Aedile, and person. My blade is always in your service should you so desire it and I really really appreciate all you have done. If anyone deserves this award, it has to be you. Congratulations my friend, you have earned it.

~Severon Vercingetorix BTL of Spectre

When Ji first joined the DB, he immediately set to work on the run-on that was taking place, as well as several competitions that were running concurrently. He amazed everyone by picking up on activity right away. That ethic never left Ji, and was only reinforced as time went on.

Others will list his accomplishments, but I feel like Ji's accomplishments to date are nothing compared to what he has up his sleeve. He may be taking a break from leadership, but Ji works endlessly on various projects, churning out greatness while others just idle on IRC.

His track record is amazing, and I can't wait to see what he contributes further, not just to any individual unit, but to the DB as a whole. His excellence as Proconsul, Aedile, and various other positions, official or unofficial, have proven that Ji is more than worthy of an Amethyst Kukri.

~Dralin Fortea BTL of the Reckoners

Ji is worryingly charismatic, for a Tarenti. Obviously a rising star in the Brotherhood, he is often the first point of contact between Arcona-Tarentum relations, and he works tirelessly to preserve such good relations, making sure to forge friendships in both of the Houses that extend beyond the Brotherhood. This amiability has set an excellent example to his members and I can think of nobody better to recieve such a reward in Tarentum. Well done, and thanks for being such an excellent counterpart and putting the needs of the Brotherhood above the needs of any one clan.

~Sashar Erinos, di Tenebrous Arconae

I will let others wax poetic about what Ji has accomplished during his time in Tarentum, and instead focus on his time working with me as my Magistrate. Although the project is still on-going, Ji has already managed to go through a few hundred articles, critically looking at them and noting any discrepancies that he finds. The amount of time, work and effort that it takes to do such meticulous work is hard to explain, but it is something that he has jumped in with both feet and has proven to be adept at finding what needs to be found. He truly wants the DB to be better and has aimed to ensure that our fictional reality is rock-solid. His efforts on the Wiki Audit are tremendous, and he truly does deserve recognition for it

~Halcyon Taldrya Voice of the Brotherhood

Ji and I got off on the wrong foot. As a newer member of Tarentum, I used to dislike him intensely. During his time as my peer and as my leader he has done more than enough to reverse that opinion and to earn my respect and friendship several times over. He has worked tirelessly on various aspects of Tarentum's fiction, making sure the wiki stays up to date, that everyone understands what's going on, that everyone who wants input gets to have it, and most importantly that creative control isn't captured in the hands of only a few influential members.

At times when I have felt that my opinion as a leader in Tarentum wasn't being sought or listened to, he has reached out to me and asked for it. When he has made promises to me, he has followed through on them. When I have disagreed with decisions he has always been willing to discuss and debate with me - and most importantly, he doesn't dismiss my concerns outright or acquiesce to them under pressure. He does what a good leader should do: listens, considers, and makes an informed decision.

I am pleased to add my recommendation for Ji. He has done more for Tarentum than most of us will ever hope to do.

~Scion "Firebird" Altera Aedile of House Tarentum

When I first met Ji, then Huldrych, he was a Guardian of House Cestus trying to serve the house and clan the best way he could. He was always friendly, always willing to help new members which aided in the crucial task of member retention. For his hard work he was selected to become an Aedile to then Quaestor Sato Tarentae and served with distinction for two months. As time went on we both grew into our house, receiving our Knighthood and after the 9th GJW we both were selected as leaders of our house in a difficult position. The three of us, Ronovi, Ji and I worked diligently as we molded a new future for our house with fresh ideas and daring plans. In the house summit circle I truly began to notice the brilliance of Ji K’awill des Oulrevent. Ji was always coming up with new and different ideas, sometimes these ideas were welcome and in the direction we wanted to take the house, and other times they were ideas that we put on the back burner for a later date. None the less, Ji Ka’will kept at it, never giving up, always trying to come up with someone new and fresh for the membership. To me this is a very admirable trait as people who have the vision and willingness to work hard for their vision. In my opinion, Tarentum would not be where it is today without Ji’s hard work on several levels. For his hard work and sacrifices made for the clan/house and his commitment to the future of the Brotherhood, I recommend that Ji K’awill des Oulrevent by awarded a token of our appreciation for all that he has done in the form of the Amethyst Kukri.

~Aegis Fang

He pwned in the Rite of Supremacy, earning a Silver Nova for fiction. He ran House Cestus's final run-on as its last Quaestor. He assisted in coordinating the house reform of Tarentum, when Kaerner and Reinthaler were created as the clan's houses. All this earned him a Sapphire Blade, and I looked forward to see how he would top that.

Ji K'awiil des Oultrevent didn't disappoint me. As Proconsul of Clan Tarentum, he was a key conceptualist for the storyline "Theocracy of the Unwilling" and its continuing run-on, "The King and the Gods." He was mostly responsible for the new fictional system of government for the clan, the Yridian Kratocracy. He was the main coordinator of Navy and Army reform in Tarentum, creating the Yridian Surface Command and writing spreadsheet after spreadsheet of new ground forces and ships. He appointed a High General and a Fleet Admiral and jumped right back to work, and Halcyon appointed him as Magistrate to the Voice and worked with him to direct a massive wiki audit in order to maintain canon within the DB universe.

But look at me, simply listing one tangible accomplishment after another like I'm attempting to burn them out of my system. The truth of the matter is, I miss having Ji in Tarentum. He has more amazing plans for the Brotherhood, working in Arcona and conceiving a potential light side house for the club. What he is, more than anything else, is progressive. He is vigilant of others' progress, while he attempts to push the organization forward in its efforts to stay afloat and relevant in the contemporary, perhaps conceivably post-Star Wars era (though that may be a matter of opinion). Never before had I seen a leader so concerned for other members, making sure not only that they were safe and happy on public forums but also that they were being justly rewarded for their activity.

I began working with Ji when I was Aedile of Cestus and he was Rollmaster. We both became the house's main summit, I Quaestor and he Aedile, before I ascended to the clan summit. We worked as Consul and Proconsul together, then Quaestor and Aedile after the downsizing. In short, Ji was my second-in-command for nearly two years. We had many disagreements, and many of our conversations ended with Ji losing a few braincells due to my occasionally obtuse behavior as a still learning leader. But we got stuff done. By God, we got stuff done.

There aren't many people like you, Ji, and when it comes to your drive, I wish there were. I hope you enjoy the honor of having this Amethyst Kukri on your dossier, as a reward for your hard, arduous, and unfortunately somewhat unrecognized work. Thank you for all that you've done, and good luck in all that you do.

~Ronovi Tavisaen Tarentae Quaestor of House Tarentum, PYRG

Master Darth Aeternus, 2010-09-09 12:21:19 UTC