Sapphire Blade events for Corsair Haran "Ji" Urr

Sapphire Blade events
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Sapphire Blade
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Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen
Primary reason

From my first day in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood I have seen Ji go nowhere but up. I have seen him soar in Tarentum and exceed what most DB members might expect from anyone. When I joined the Dark Brotherhood Ji had been recently appointed Rollmaster of House Cestus, and though at that time I hadn't made much contact with Ji, his efforts for his house were seen by all. Upon being made Aedile of House Cestus, Ji had made a fine name for himself in Tarentum. It was through him and Ronovi that Cestus had blossomed into an extremely active house. His work with Cestus as it's Quaestor has been an example for Tarentum's houses and can be seen through such works as the Hieros Lokhos ton Taras. One can only anticipate what he will do upon being made ProConsul.

Ji, aside from being one of Tarentum's leaders, is also one of Tarentum's most active members. Ji is a superb writer, always impressing others with his work and continually gaining novas for his work. He is constant on Tarentum's IRC channel, giving advice to our young journeymen and older members alike. He has proven himself time and time again with his relentless nature in earning numerous awards, promotions, etc. his most recent being a field promotion granted from his enormous effort in the Rite of Supremacy (field promotions that were only granted to two people in all of Tarentum). With his contributions in the Brotherhood, Ji has made Tarentum what it is today, and I would like to thank him for that in requesting a Sapphire Blade for Ji K'awiil.

~Jagen Phoenix, Aedile of House Tridens.

Ji and I haven't had much contact with one another until fairly recently, but he has long been one of the individuals in Tarentum that drives me to continually improve. He is a juggernaut. His relentless nature has helped build House Cestus into a powerhouse, and an example for myself and my fellow Gladians to aspire to. Ji's own writing is superb, and the proof is in the novae he earned in the RoS and GJW9. He is always willing to edit work for others, lending them the full benefits of his own skill by teaching them to improve their own. More important than his writing, however, is his character. He is a constant fixture in the Clan's IRC channel. There you can nearly always find him encouraging newer members to be more active, hounding his House Summit to keep them busy and active, and pestering the Clan Summit about any number of things, all with only the best interest of Tarentum in mind. In recent days I have often turned to Ji when I needed to vent or needed advice. He has been cheerful and willing to help without any reservations. Ji K'awill brings out my competitive nature like few others because it takes a great deal of work to live up to the standard he sets. An organization such as the Dark Brotherhood lives or dies by the few among its members who are willing to put in the effort to make it a great experience for everyone. Ji is, without question, one of those few and I am pleased to help recognize him for that.

SBM Scion "Firebird" Altera Quaestor, House Gladius of Tarentum Captain, MJHC Corsair

Battlemaster Ji K'awiil. I've heard that name so often, I would think he is a household item. He's always looking for ways to improve himself and his clan. He never stops devoting himself to Tarentum and never stops helping members.

I met Ji during the recent Rite of Supremacy. He was sort of an enigma, always working and doing everything he could. He always had helpful hints for everyone, regardless of what they were doing. There was nothing that he couldn't provide advice on.

His help is never condescending. He never tears anyone down; he always tries to bring others up. His ultimate goal is to bring Tarentum back to glory, and he strives for that everyday. He never stops working and I almost think that he never sleeps.

Ji deserves this, not because I believe it, but because Tarentum believes it. We all know that Ji has done a lot and we all feel that he deserves this reward. Ji, good job man. Ya done well son, ya done well.

~Severon Vercingetorix; Dark Jedi Knight

I find myself recommending awards and promotions for Battlemaster Ji K'awiil quite often these days, and this is no exception. Ji is truly a phenomenal Tarenti. He is a naturally born leader, a brilliant writer, an amazing mentor, a fierce competitor, and a dear friend. He has contributed so much to Tarentum lore and structure that I cannot even recount it all in one try. Ji is that much of a worker, and that much more deserving of the prestigious Sapphire Blade.

I met Ji when I was a newcomer, and he was a Jedi Hunter, but it wasn't until he worked as my Rollmaster in House Cestus while I was Quaestor that he really showed me how much he could do. After ascending to Aedile, Ji helped me completely restructure and reorganize Cestus's lore, making it a powerhouse of activity and a place for future leaders to grow. Once I became PCON, Ji took up the reins as Quaestor with ease, plotting out a major run-on and storyline for Cestus - known simply as "Rift" - as well as pushing his house to new heights in the "Broken" storyline and run-on. But even beyond his leadership roles, Ji has been a researcher, an editor, and a contributor to Tarentum as well as Arcona fiction. Not only has he completed a wiki article of Arcona's clan powers (mostly on his own), but he has also updated outdated wiki articles as well as polished and revised the Tarentum Prospectus, roles of the Tarentae and the Tarenti, and history. All this while maintaining his Quaestorship and a position on the Wiki Staff. He is unstoppable.

Most recently, Ji has shown an amazing effort in the latest Rite of Supremacy: Spoils of War. Not only did he score a vast amount of victories in the ACC for Tarentum, but he also received a Silver Nova for the "Free Form" fiction event, proving himself as one of the best writers in not just the clan, but also the Brotherhood. All the while, Ji took tremendous amounts of time to proofread and critique Tarenti's fiction entries and ACC posts, and his advice even assisted in many wins in the ACC. All of this work convinced me and Oberst to encourage Muz to grant Ji a field promotion, and he became one of only two members of Tarentum to receive one. But even after the Rite of Supremacy, he did not slow down, becoming an enormous asset to our current reformation of Tarentum and the installation of two new houses to replace our current ones. He has been a strong voice in the development of this incredible project, and he and I both have enormous hopes for the future of the clan. This proves to me, as well as everyone else, that Ji is not holding anything back. He is a firecracker that keeps going off, setting Tarentum alight with his contributions and his suggestions.

What I think is most important, however, is Ji's utmost devotion to Tarentum. He cares about its progress, and he cares about its improvement. When Tarentum placed fifth in the Rite of Supremacy, he was one of the first to say, "Not good enough." As an advisor, he has given honest reports about Tarentum's activity and progress. As a friend, he is even sharper when it comes to wit and opinion. But more often than not, he is right in his feedback. I have taken much of his advice and seen great things flourish from it. He hardly ever lets me down, because as a member of Tarentum, he therefore can get in touch with what his clan needs or desires. In fact, one of his greatest wishes is to see the entire clan involved in each clan proceeding, so nothing is hidden, and nothing is secret - that way, all of Tarentum can contribute to its progress and lore. That is true leadership, and that is true dedication.

Ji, my friend, you have impressed me as well as inspired me. Now that I have been "crowned' the Princess of Yridia, and I will need members like you to keep the clan alive. I know you will be an awesome Proconsul, and I don't want you to take this award for granted. The Sapphire Blade implies amazing dedication to one's clan, and therefore you have proven to me, as your Consul, that you deserve it. I thank you for your incredible contributions, and I can only hope for more prosperous times working with you in this clan. Rock on, buddy.

~Ronovi Tavisaen Proconsul of Clan Tarentum Brig. General of the Clan Tarentum I Corps

Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen, 2010-04-01 14:42:58 UTC