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Society of Envoys



CLAN SUMMITS: Send me your envoy recommendations within the next 36 hours. So far, I've had one Consul do this, a ton of people argue about it on the message boards, and very little actual receipt of recommendations that I should have already received.

According to the document, you must choose 1 primary envoy (Knight Class Envoy) to represent your clan. This envoy ALSO serves to represent one of the houses in your clan. You must choose 2 other envoys (Companion Class Envoys) to represent two other houses as well. This is up for negotiation if you feel you either need MORE or LESS envoys. However, I suggest we wait a couple weeks to see what the workload is like. This wasn't an issue on the message boards, so I fail to see why I haven't received envoy nominations. If you feel you aren't qualified to make a recommendation, you're free to defer to someone else in the clan.

Send ALL recommendations to <font color="#FFFFFF">SWL Pyralis</font>** ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])** and <font color="#FFFFFF">KE Kaiann</font>** ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])** within the next 36 hours.

The clans have had nearly a week to choose. If I still don't receive nominations, I'm opening up applications.


Sith Warlord Pyralis

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