Chamber of Justice Declaration 002


Chamber of Justice Declaration 002

Let it be henceforth known that Mirei 'Sasami' Seppen has returned to the Dark Brotherhood. Due to the circumstances in her departure previously, in order to be granted the chance to return, Mirei has accepted a term of indefenite probation until the Chamber of Justice deems that she is fully able to return to the Dark Brotherhood as an honoured member.

The terms of this probation are that she is to voluntarily remove herself from all Official Dark Brotherhood IRC Channels (#DB, #Krath, #Obelisk, #Sith) except for those times when competitions or formal meetings are taking place.

Mirei knows of her limitations, and I call on the Dark Brotherhood to report to me any violations of these limitations should they occur. However I must immediately state that I will NOT let people mistreat Mirei or plot against her. If evidence of this is found, you will be the target of the Chamber of Justice, and I promise, that is not something you wish.

Additionally, the terms of Mirei's probation are only of consequence to the Chamber of Justice and Mirei, they in no way have any connection to lack of awards, promotions, or other recognitions that the Dark Brotherhood may bestow upon her, and thus should not be held from her.

Signed and Sealed in the name of Justice,
Dark Adept Keirdagh Cantor,
Justicar of the Dark Brotherhood

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