CoJ Notice to Spammers


CoJ Notice to Spammers

Alright people, listen and listen well. This is directed at those people who are spammers of these message boards. If you spam, I will condemn you to a career spent in boiling hot oil and me casually plucking out your internal organs. If you spam on a main Board (IE: One that is not a Clan Board or the Soap Box) you are deemed a moron, and I will hunt down and destroy all morons.

Be warned all ye who spam, you will feel the wrath of being shoved into a small tin can like pulverized animal intestines much like the forebearers of the name you so idiotically wear with pride, that of being a spammer.

BTW: This notice applies to Message Board and News Page Comments.

Justicar, Dark Adept Keirdagh Cantor

Beware, the Ides of March are upon you!

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