AWOL Policy and Silent AWOL Checks – Leaders Read!


AWOL Policy and Silent AWOL Checks – Leaders Read!

After some discussion, we have decided to alter the current AWOL policy of the Brotherhood. Silent AWOL checks, defined as an AWOL check without formal notification, are to be regulated in the following way:

No silent AWOL check may be conducted for any member below the rank of Jedi Hunter. However, silent AWOL checks are allowed for any member of the rank of Jedi Hunter or above.

Please note the process by which you conducted an AWOL check when submitting AWOL lists. If you don’t specify, I will ask. Please don’t violate this new rule – I will know.

Silent AWOL checks are when members can be AWOLed even though no official publicly stated check has been started. This can be unfair to new members who may have entirely no clue whatsoever on what they need to do to be active members. However, at higher ranks, such a check is appropriate since these members do not have a similar excuse. Please Note: The public officially stated AWOL check is still the preferred DB method!


Sith Warlord Syn Kaek

Master At Arms

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