Lightsabre Forms Have Points On The CS!!!


Lightsabre Forms Have Points On The CS!!!

Finally, in no small feat, JaM3z has performed (yet another) miracle to boggle the mind – boggle? That’s a good game, or is it boogle…who cares… Anyway, those of you who regularly submit your CS’s about 15 times a day (and everyone else) will notice the new sabre section on your character sheet. This will be the sabre section we go by that has allocated points per DB rank for the forms.

No doubt, many will be re-submitting CS’s…be forewarned! Those of you have been dodging needed changes will be sacked – or might have no sabre form :)

Have a nice day…Thanks again JaM3z!! And thanks to Muz and Kaiann for the general "this is what we're gonna do, damnit!!" stuff.


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