House Ludo Kressh QUA Open for Apps


House Ludo Kressh QUA Open for Apps

Hey everybody,

Unfortunately, it's time for another application announcement post; House Ludo Kressh is looking for a new Quaestor, Malisane having decided to step down from the role. He's done a great job with the House and we'd like to thank him for his work.

To that end, we're opening applications for the position to the rest of the Brotherhood. We're looking for somebody with dedication and drive, who's willing to maintain a high level of activity while motivating those in their House in preparation for the upcoming RoS and beyond. You'll be expected to work closely with the rest of the Clan Summit on big projects as well as to bring your own ideas to the table for the growth and development of your House.

The desired requirements that we have for the position are as follows:

-Rank of Equite 1 or higher (Applicants who are DJK may apply as well, though.)

-Previous experience of leadership at Battleteam, House or Clan level

-Email turnaround time of 48 hours (preferred), 72 hours (required)

-Strong presence on IRC and other channels of communication

-Leadership Studies exam passed

In addition, you should include any ideas that you have to improve the House and any character references from other members that you feel will strengthen your application.

Make sure you send all applications to me (NekuraManji -at- and Taig (Taigikori -at- The deadline is the 25th of December, precisely 10 days from now. Get those apps in!

Thanks, everybody!

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