RoS News: Fiction Results


RoS News: Fiction Results

Fiction Placings for Round Two

Tonight, I finished reading and grading the fiction entries for last round's 'Infinities' events. I have posted placements and Unit Scores below. Congratulations, all on having some very cool ideas and interesting fictions all around.

Revan vs. Sadow

1.) Raken (IHR)

2.) Xanos (CNS)

3.) Manji (CNS)

4.) Sanjuro (IHR)

5.) Shikyo (CNS)

Naga Sadow wins 16 to 14 in Fiction.

Taldryan vs. Arcona

1.) Jac (TAL)

2.) Lan (ARC)

3.) Vodo (TAL)

4.) Sharad (TAL)

5.) Orv (ARC)

Taldryan wins 20 to 10 in Fiction.

Scholae vs. Plagueis vs. Tarentum

1.) Ronovi (TAR)

2.) Thran (CSP)

3.) Alaris (PLA)

4.) Sirrus (TAR)

5.) Solus (CSP)

Tarentum scored first with 14 points, with Scholae scoring 10 points and second place. Plagueis won 6 points and third place.

With that, all that remains is the ACC judging, which will settle the ties between CNS/IHR and ARC/TAL. Tarentum already scored first place in two events, so they will automatically progress to the next round of the knockout bracket. In order for Plagueis to pass up Scholae's lead, they will need to have won first ranking in the ACC over TAR and CSP, and CSP will have to come third in ACC. If Scholae places second or higher in ACC, they will progress to the next round of the knockout bracket.

Congrats to everyone who put out their best this last round. Watch your emails for more ACC maches information, and this page for final scores as we get closer to the end.


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