RoS: Third Round Begins


RoS: Third Round Begins

Tonight marks the opening of the final and third round of the Rite of Supremacy. The matches have come down to really close calls, with Revan beating Naga Sadow by one match in the ACC, and Taldryan beating Arcona in the same way. With tensions pretty high at the end of the grading portion, I'm still happy to see that people still are taking everything with good sportsmanship. I'd like to congratulate everyone on their hard work and efforts for their clans, and Id like to say how proud I am that you are all doing so without any flagrant abuses of our systems or the spirit of fair play here.

Also, with Scholae taking third in last round's ACC event, and Plagueis taking first, they tied up the match, with Tarentum beating them both. There's only one real way to keep that fair and keep to our three-rounds-and-done plan, and that is to give Tarentum the fifth place win, and let Plagueis and Scholae fight for sixth place, which is exactly what we are doing.

So, just to recap, here are the matches:

Revan vs. Taldryan for first place.
Arcona vs. Naga Sadow for third place.
Scholae Palatinae vs. Plagueis for sixth place.

Be sure to check out the RoS Site for event details.

Also, everyone in the following clans has a day to signup for their weapons in the ACC: Plagueis, Scholae Palatinae, Arcona, Naga Sadow. Once the first matches get set up, the form will close, so be sure to get those in, else you will be fighting with the standard kits that your consuls picked. You can do so here.

Thanks, everybody, and have fun.


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