Magistrate to the Fist - Revised


Magistrate to the Fist - Revised

Since its been brought to my attention as with others in this club that I should not restrict a leader from applying, here is your shot, but understand while I do reserve the right to just delete your application if your not a worthy candidate for Magistrate to the Fist but we will give a equal chance to everyone that can show just cause they can do the job. I am not setting a time frame on when it will end, just know when we see the right person, I the Fist will announce it then.

With the Vendetta fast approaching, and knowing what is coming up soon. I have decided to open only one to two positions for this job. What am I looking for? Im looking for a person that has **uber activity in the gaming area of the club. Im wanting someone that can hang with the big boys and its not about wins or losses, Im talking about large amount of matches at a consistent rate month to month**. If you meet the below requirements and consider yourself active feel free to apply. Now before I give the requirements, I want to make a note that Im not all about nicely done resumes, just getting the point across is all I look for. I do not have the final say in if youre chosen for this position, that would be the Grand Masters say. I reserve the right to can your hind end if you BS anything on the application, or just fail to do the job in a timily fashion.


-Rank: Jedi Hunter or above

-Must be active daily in both gaming and/or mIRC

-Must NOT be on any super secret probation with the Grand Master or Dark Council

-Must work well with others

-Must have a cservice username

-Must have the metal capacity to work with restarting servers, or communicate issues with

the servers that are beyond your apptitude to the adminstrators.

-Must be willing to take a project, work on it without guidence, dealing with constructive critisim and getting the job done without me hovering over you. (Slackers will be killed then fired)

-Have a working knowledge of how x commands work, for mIRC issues in DBGaming

Ok, above the requirements are done, now what else am I looking for? As you have seen in this report or any other report I have put out so far, what my plans are. So thinking outside the box I want to see a list of nothing less than 5 ideas and a 30-60-90 day plan regarding with what I have going on, what would be new to use, and incorprate your ideas into this list. This is a chance to impress me. Also within your application I want to know the strengths and weaknesss for the above requirements, dont BS me that would be sure fire way to get the application ignored. This position isnt about flashy applications...this application is about you and your skill set you bring to the table. Your activity in the Brotherhood will weigh heavily on my final decision, not a flashy or well written application and just doing a bare minimum for this club just wont cut it. List all the games you play currently. What Im considering this position for will be in a lot of areas in gaming from handling servers, running events, awarding the correct medals for your event, keeping a good communication with the outside clubs for those gaming days, and assisting in every detail of Trainning days.

With all that said though. We will more than likely announce all the positions after the Vendetta "sometime"

Again, email Smoke ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and Fremoc ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]).

Thanks all.

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