Introducing your new VOICE


Introducing your new VOICE

If only to push the GM's lovely report further down, I would like to take a second to introduce myself and make a few announcements.

My name is Vodo Biask Taldrya. I'm a long time leader in Taldryan and this is my first time (minus a short stint in a Rogues) where I've been away from there. I'm a very fiction-oriented person and it accounts for about 98% of what I've done and contributed to this organization in the last seven years I've been a member.

I will be accepting applications (starting later this week so don't send them to me now) for a Praetor and maybe a couple Magistrates. If you're interested in working with me start thinking about drawing up some dynamite apps.

As Muz mentioned in his GM Report, my big focus is going to be in fictional-inclusion. I've yet to draw up my official policy on this, but in short it means that average members who prove themselves through personal activity and through contributions to their House and

the DB will be rewarded by being written into the official DB plot line updates I will be publishing. Leaders aren't the only characters in this story and I plan to write it that way.

Also, I'll be working with House leaders to more closely align their fictional plot lines to that of the DB's so that we don't have eight subplots going on regardless of what is happening to the DB as a whole. It should give some added value to House fictions as well.

Lastly, I need some BOMB report headers. I've seen what some people are capable of in this club and I am in awe. If you're feeling generous, and particularly inspired, I need some incredible headers. I'll provide you a detailed list of all that I need if you ask.

His Excellency,

Vodo Biask Taldrya

Voice of the Brotherhood

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