[ToR] Beta weekend


[ToR] Beta weekend

So, everyone by now knows that tomorrow is the start of another Beta weekend, and with the NDA lifted, we can talk about it like crazy. :P

With that said, starting tomorrow at 11am EST, I will be on the Leviathan server with Araxis and several other members. If you're asking why, its because the characters from the last Beta weekend were carried over for this weekend. There will be some hiccups this weekend like the last one because this will be a major stress test on their servers since everyone who signed up for the ToR Beta is invited. Bioware planned this and made testing for this weekend end on Tuesday 12:59am EST.

Like last weekend, I'm encouraging the use of our Ventrilo server, so we can help each other out and for some of us do some flash points.

Vent info:

Ventrilo Host: vent25.gameservers.com

Ventrilo Port: 4422 Password: djbrulez1

See you all on Vent/ToR tomorrow.


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