[Horizons] Prologue - Day 4


[Horizons] Prologue - Day 4

**Arcona Citadel

Estle City


Dajorra System**

Garan and Jareese Na'Sel were putting on an incredible display of the Force. Gouts of electric fury spewed forth from their fingertips, blocked by sudden shields of telekinetic strength their opponents managed to erect against the powers tossed about like child's play. No one could understand how these two Knights were tossing about powers that were perhaps not beyond their grasp, but should have been much less potent than they were, if at all available. No one had trained the Na'Sel twins in Force Lightning, or any of the techniques they were putting on for the Summit of Arcona.

"And you say they've been going on like this for several hours now?" Wuntila kept his focus upon the twins, as well as Cethgus and Legorii, the Equites who had volunteered to stand against them. While the Equites had been members of the Brotherhood for far longer, and had proven themselves in battle several times, they seemed to have met their match in these potent new Knights. "Where did they come from?"

Marick shrugged. "They are recent recruits, but apparently they came to us by way of the Shadow Academy. They said they were once members of the Brotherhood who were lost in the Exodus. I can't find any records of them from the Exodus, but let's face it, we'd have to go searching through vast reservoirs of information in the archives for all of those records."

"Indeed," Wuntila nodded, still watching the display.

"But they seem to be an honest pair, and they said they were once honorable servants among Alvaak, who had ties to those who had once been Exar Kun, and believe their destiny now lies with us. I'm not quite sure how those being tied to Alvaak and Exar Kun led them to us, but they stated clearly that they did not see their path leading elsewhere."

"I'm pleased to have them around, for certain," Wuntila stated softly, his mind clearly on how impressive the two Knights seemed to be. "They are certainly warriors without many peers. They will only enhance us. You say they came from the Academy?"

"They said they felt a draw to the Academy," Marick nodded, "and spent several days there updating themselves on what has happened since the Exodus, and familiarizing themselves with each of the Houses and Clans, and acquainting themselves with some of the new Initiates and Apprentices. I think they may have been doing some recruiting work. Jareese happened to mention that she had made some friends and allies there that seemed enamored with her, and declared their intentions to follow her anywhere."

Wuntila only smirked. There was always the attraction of physical pursuits of the flesh, as well as those within the Force. If Garan was the mighty warrior, a future general to call out to his armies, leading them on to battle, and Jareese a wily female assassin, as seemed to be their style- victories for Arcona would be assured in many arenas. The Summit of Arcona continued to watch as the twins maintained the stalemate with Legorii and Cethgus, and held the two who were believed to be far more powerful at bay. The display was entirely intoxicating to the Summit on a certain level, and though the newcomer Knights both had a slight cough, or a bead of sweat gracing their brows here and there, no one took it as anything other than battlefield fatigue.

**Great Hall


Kr’tal System**

The young woman with the scarred face raised her plasteel staff in a defensive posture. Never again would anyone hurt Merlika the way her former friend Enaias had. The memory of her time with her estranged Arkanian martial-arts master Vessah swam before her mind’s eye. Center, focus, and release, the way of Dulon and the Matukai. The Equite attacked her with his own stave. She countered, ducked low, and swept in with a vicious snake-staff technique. Her will channeled into the weapon and hardened it with the Force right before it struck.

Rian parried with his own quarterstaff using Force strength and a more complete mastery of the form, but the Obelisk felt the almost serpentine power in her movements. This was a woman to be watched. The battle continued without incident, as the display of powers testified to the advanced techniques and the great insight that the young woman with the scarred face was gifted with. Rian wondered if the journeys that had been through since the Exodus of the Brotherhood had likely brought her in contact with other Force-using traditions, which the Brotherhood was certainly aware of. There were others who called upon the Force, who sought the Dark or Light Side, beyond the Sith, Obelisk, Krath or Jedi. This young woman had seen extensive martial arts training, perhaps at the hands of Matukai adept. Her lithe form moved like living quicksilver- an astounding feet for one of not even eighteen summers. And the Force obeyed her will as skillfully as any Knight with more years.

The Quaestor continued to be impressed by the abilities of his newfound Knight. It was impressive that, despite having been battling intensely with a seasoned Equite for many long minutes, Merlika seemed no less fatigued than when the fight had begun; indeed, her abilities seemed only to grow as the minutes passed, as though they were warming up, and their abilities were now coming more rapidly, more eagerly into flowing blood and excited vessels and organs. The clack and crack of the pole weapons dancing and spinning began to smell of burning wood and ozone.

Rian was intensely drawn into the fight, and as it continued, a slow grin began to dawn upon his lips, his eyes widening in visions that ran through his head of the growing power and brilliance of the star that was Taldryan. With more like these, great things would be achieved. It was rumored that several students of this caliber had recently come from the Shadow Academy’s program. The Power was his.

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