[Horizons] Prologue - Day 5


[Horizons] Prologue - Day 5

**Temple of Sorrow


Orian System**

Within the halls of Sepros, Vishasza continued to absorb and grasp the information with the Library of Sadow. The Cerean’s gigantic twin-brains were absorbing the lore much more rapidly than most of his peers. His grasp of the fundamentals of Sith sorcery, Krath lore, and the martial studies of the Obelisk were on par with a Knight’s, even though he was but a youngling. Vishaza had yet to decide on an official “order” within the ranks of the Brotherhood. While nominally a Krath, the other disciplines intrigued him. Still, book knowledge was of little use without practical training. He had been ordered to report for special training by someone of the highest clearance.

The Cerean stood and walked to the training area within the Temple of Sorrow. Consul Locke Sonjie had heard of his prowess and intended to have him tested. The Rancor pit was normally a place of death for anyone who entered, but in this case the Rancor was not present. Instead a Tuk’ata awaited the young Cerean. It was certain death for anyone showing fear or indecision.

Vishasza brandished his Shyarn-ado blade before him confidently. The Force was his ally, and it was a potent one. Fear did not exist within him, strangely enough for one so young. As the hateful black beast leaped at him with impossible strength and cunning, the Journeyman twisted to the side with vicious alacrity. Vishaza jumped high, and stuck downwards with a slicing cut from his magnetic ceremonial blade. The Tuk’kata barely dodged the blazing fast slash with surprise registering on it’s twisted face.

The Krath focused a blast of telekinetic power at the beast as he landed. The crushing telekinetic blow actually caught the Tuk’ata in the head and knocked it senseless. The Jouneyman stood and regarded the watching Dark Eye droid coolly. “I’m done,” he said with an arrogant look in his Cerean eyes.

In the viewing room upstairs, Locke nodded slowly. “It is as I heard. The Shadow Academy has certainly stepped up the caliber of their recruits. I don’t care for his attitude. Macron would probably just butcher him outright.” He chuckled. The current Consul of Naga Sadow had deposed the former, and yet they had reached a mutual understanding. “Still, it is a common hubris among Darksiders.”

Beside him, Teu looked puzzled. She was not one to mince words. “I’m not so sure. This doesn’t make sense. He should have been dog meat- and quickly, at that. I’ve seen one of those things hold off even a lesser Equite for a short time.” She frowned. “I have a bad feeling about this.”

**It’kla District

Menat Ombo

New Tython**

Even without eyes he could ‘see’ the man who worked feverishly down the alley. He glowed in the Force; his aura almost obscuring any others who stood around him. Yet there was the smallest speck of darkness that had been forming these last few hours as he watched him.

It’s probably just exertion, Morotheri told himself.

“Cale!” the Aedile called out. The other man stopped where he was and slowly lowered the wooden beam that he had been maneuvering with the Force. The Miralukan waved him over.

“Are you pleased with the progress?” Cale asked before covering a slight cough in his sleeve.

“It’s astounding, but you can’t over-exert yourself. You have only been with us a few days and I don’t think you have even had all that much sleep”.

“There is just so much to do! I read about the unrest here. I want to help and show everyone that we have their best interests at heart”.

Mithfaron nodded his agreement, “Yet you do need to rest. You can come back and help rebuild, but you are still new here and you haven’t been to many of the training sessions yet”.

“I think it’s clear, Master, that I am beyond simple training”. Cale’s eyes darkened ever so slightly as he glared at the Summit member.

“Calm yourself, Apprentice. The Shadow Academy believed you were not fit for the Brotherhood. You do not walk down their path. You have great potential, but it must be tempered humility. Now rest, and we shall discuss this later”.

For a moment the younger man appeared to ignore his leader. His aura blazed for an instant and Morotheri felt the slightest pang of fear growing in the pit of his stomach. The moment passed and Cale strode away, back towards the Halls of the Watchmen.

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