ACC: Fading Light, Round 3


ACC: Fading Light, Round 3

Greetings all!

Battles for ACC: Fading Light Round 3 have begun. Let me know if you think anything is out of order. All battles should be centered around an ion cannon emplacement. Members "fighting" someone from their unit have a new NPC to encounter. Note that this guy has a great deal of raw power, but he has some serious flaws, so hopefully you all enjoy the challenge of "figuring" him out (this is not to say I have decided how those matches should go - have fun with it :) ).

All battles should have 3 day post limits. If I entered something in wrong, let me know ASAP!

Finally, and just as important, a note on NPCs (other than the One Sith some of you are facing): If an NPC is mentioned in the venue, either explicitly or described as a possibility, you may choose how to encounter (or not to) any such NPC as you wish, but you should not add additional NPCs beyond what the venue mentions in one way or another. If you're curious or concerned about what NPCs are allowed, let me or the Voice know.


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