Grand Master Confirmation


Grand Master Confirmation

Dark Jedi Brotherhood,

On 21 February 2021, the Star Chamber voted 5-0 in favor of confirming the Electorate’s 17-0 ratification of Master Evant Taelyan as our next Grand Master. This news post serves as the Star Chamber’s formal notification to the membership.

Evant will assume his duties on 24 February 2021. Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor will provide a farewell address in the coming days.

*Covenant Details relating to the Star Chamber’s voting responsibilities:

Section 3.03 Voting by the Star Chamber

(a) Voting Required – All official actions of the Star Chamber require approval. No member of the Star Chamber has independent authority within the Brotherhood as a member of the Star Chamber outside of his ability to vote within the Star Chamber. When the Star Chamber is confirming a nomination for Grand Master or removing a member from a position, the actions must be announced to the membership by a representative of the Star Chamber.

(b) Vote Threshold – All votes of the Star Chamber are approved by a majority vote. All ties are considered a failed vote. Abstentions and unfilled temporary voting positions do not reduce the vote threshold. When a permanent member is no longer a member of the Star Chamber due to lack of good standing, the vote threshold is proportionally reduced by one.

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